How do you choose the beautiful bridesmaid dresses?

The choice of bridesmaid dress for your girl is really a challenge, here I have collected some bridesmaid dress in different style, and they can not even counted! From ankle length to floor length from shoulder to a strapless, from yellow to royal blue, chiffon or satin, there are different styles for the Bridesmaid! So I think you need to be blinded so many bridesmaids dresses!

And I’m glad to make several proposal for my good friends!

1. In general, in order to make the event more complicated and perfect, the girl has their own idea and program about what has to bear style! You better talk to them about the theme of the wedding and what they want! For example, the marriage settlement pink and white style should be the dress that you can choose flattering the subject! This is very important!

You choose light color dress as a bridesmaid dress to the wedding theme of peaceful, shiny and green wedding together!2015-Bridesmaid-Dresses-under-1002. What is more important, as your friend figure look! This should be taken in choosing the silhouette of clothes!
No matter the bridesmaid is thin and a little fat, high or low, you select a short dress must could all have the disadvantage of hiding!

3. Finally, the fabric of the clothes should be decided by the wedding venue, such as dresses made of chiffon is better for beach wedding than other materials! The ethereal and soft dresses to reflect the romantic wedding perfect!

Chiffon is good choice for spring wedding with a soft wind in the air and when they fly with the gentle breeze as it would be perfect together with the wedding!

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