Promises of design in Midnight Fashion Show

Everything is ready to turn on the lights of the third fashion show ‘Midnight Fashion Show’ in the magical setting of the Jardines del Gran Hotel Balneario de Mondariz, culminating in a dinner.

Tonight, from 21:00 pm in the Villa Thermal Spa Mondariz, plus the date the forefront of fashion, in which 18 young designers present their creations on the catwalk, the Second Prize will be awarded Gene Cabaleiro “Young Values ​​of Design Gallego”. An award that bears the name of one of the icons of fashion Made in Galicia 80s, with which aims to promote the talent and experience of the new Galician creators, promoting their proposals. A prize, born from the commitment of Balneario to support the world of culture, sport and society, from its tradition of patronage established by its founders, the brothers Peinador.

El desfile de 2015 de la 'MFS Balneario de Mondariz'.

Under the direction of the stylist Luz Alvarez Lago, tonight, those attending the event will enjoy a tour of the feminine and masculine trends Spring / Summer. And to round off, a nod to fashion man Gene Cabaleiro close the parade with the image and innovative designs that catapulted him around the world, and today, despite the passage of time are still relevant today.

And also this third gateway Midnight Fashion Show, Balneario de Mondariz, sinifica return to Galicia Galician designer, Christopher Vidal, based in Barcelona, ​​with the presentation of his latest work with the trends of the 18 new Galician creators and Portuguese selected this year. Among them, Amaya Fernandez, Saroka Rosales, Noa Estévez, Ana Puime, Sandra Santiso or Maria Jose Sampaio, who will try to show that fashion and feels Galicia ‘is quite fashionable’.

Christopher Vidal surprised with wedding proposals, dressed in linen and cotton silks with white bone, white snow, and vanilla, mixing the outfitters cuts with a more eastern line. It tailors its characteristic cuts are reinterpreted in skirts, dresses( and jackets natural fibers. And holiday, for woman and man, the sophistication of the linastros and creps black wool embroidered with gold thread and silver by hand by Ingenio jackets.

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