What not to wear to a wedding

Summer. beach time, a barbecue and costume parties and .. time of invitations to weddings. And what is the main problem of every woman? Obviously, what to wear. You have probably already chosen to wear different look or maybe you have not the faintest idea of ​​what to put. In any case, we want to give you some suggestions on what to avoid absolutely if you are invited to a wedding:

1. A white dress

The bride is dressed in white, usually, so you can not put it, sorry. Wear light-colored clothing instead of colored powder or dark but warm, the color of the earth, but let the white lace dress for another occasion.(semi formal dresses)

2. High Heels

We know, it is the only way to feel higher and making sure that the dress is even better on him. But remember: you stay up all night, going from one table to another to chat or dance the night away. Choose a pair of walking shoes. A heel you, but maybe not the needle.

Cosa non indossare ad un matrimonio

3. Anything too short or too “revealing”

If in front of the mirror you think that the dress will fall perfectly on her, always do the test to sit or climb stairs. Avoid too short or too tight clothes that do not allow you to move or to stay too comfortable seats and, furthermore, they take you to be singled out and fixed for the entire evening.

4. Anything outside of the dress code

Although in the closet that you have skimpy cocktail dress you dying to wear, always consider the dress code of the evening. The dress more suited maybe could be that long or trousers.

5. Jewelry as decorations

Use short, simple and elegant jewelry. You do not need adornarvi as mannequins to look more beautiful.(http://www.dressesmallau.co/strapless-formal-dresses-c107/)

An advice? Wear pants. They are simple, they are good for any type of dress code, they are comfortable, you can wear them with heels no trope ups and you can match them to any kind of jewel. Better than that!

Valentino dresses elegance Sofia Coppola’s La Traviata

He is 84 years old and just see fulfilled one of his dreams: make a Traviata at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. Valentino Garavani, the famous Italian designer, lives retired fashion since 2008 but has now resumed needles to make a unique wardrobe.

“I always dreamed to perform it in a new way,” said Valentino, “but did not want to do a modern version absurd, like many of the artistic representations that are made today, I wanted a classic and magnificent Traviata”.

It was a desired project designer and Giancarlo Giammetti and, former partner and right hand almost fifty years. His goal was to make a special, unique version.

To do so they resorted to the talent and sensitivity, Sofia Coppola, why were fascinated since they saw her film Marie Antoinette in 2006. “I asked if I wanted to do La Traviata with me and if I could give a modern touch to make it more special “said the designer.

And so it has been. Garavani has created four dresses for Violetta, the protagonist, who is played by Francesca Dotto (with Maria Grazia Schiavo as a substitute). The designs have been made in the Roman workshops of his house, founded in 1959.

Red dress, Valentino Rosso, is one of the symbols of the house and a timeless fashion(red formal dresses) icon. He never lacking in parades and fashion designer Violetta, the protagonist of the opera, brings an impressive.

The current creative directors of Valentino, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, have worked closely with professional theater workshop for making costumes Flora, played by Anna Malavasi, and choir.

“The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma is one of the representations of the heritage of our city,” said Chiuri and Piccioli that in several of his couture collections have been inspired by the aesthetics of the bel canto, as the spring of 2014, one of the most applauded.

Valentino Garavani said that this production will surprise and, despite the modern touch of Coppola, his inspiration has been the work of great artists who, in one way or another, have made La Traviata, as Visconti, Zeffirelli or Callas .

This unique spectacle can be seen at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma until 30 June. A unique opportunity to enjoy the music and fashion capitals. La Traviata, Verdi work based on The Lady of the Camellias, Alexandre Dumas, premiered in 1853 at La Fenice in Venice, but it was a major failure due to the choice of the protagonist.

Maria Callas was Violetta between 1955 and 1958, year in which he sang Victoria de los Angeles. Monserrat Caballe performed it in 1967 and Renata Scotto in 1980. Violetta has been in theaters, recording studios and film. Franco Zeffirelli directed her in 1983 and did so with Teresa Stratas and Placido Domingo in the lead roles.(semi formal dresses)

The legend is called Maria Callas. The interpretation of the diva in 1955 was a huge success and played 17 times masterfully. Thus, the Teatro alla Scala of Milan decided not to represent it again.

It was not until 1964 to again hear Violetta in Italian city, this time with Mirella Freni’s voice on the orders of Herbert von Karajan. But it was a big failure. In 2013 was Diana Danrau which got into the role and performance divided critics.

Promises of design in Midnight Fashion Show

Everything is ready to turn on the lights of the third fashion show ‘Midnight Fashion Show’ in the magical setting of the Jardines del Gran Hotel Balneario de Mondariz, culminating in a dinner.

Tonight, from 21:00 pm in the Villa Thermal Spa Mondariz, plus the date the forefront of fashion, in which 18 young designers present their creations on the catwalk, the Second Prize will be awarded Gene Cabaleiro “Young Values ​​of Design Gallego”. An award that bears the name of one of the icons of fashion Made in Galicia 80s, with which aims to promote the talent and experience of the new Galician creators, promoting their proposals. A prize, born from the commitment of Balneario to support the world of culture, sport and society, from its tradition of patronage established by its founders, the brothers Peinador.

El desfile de 2015 de la 'MFS Balneario de Mondariz'.

Under the direction of the stylist Luz Alvarez Lago, tonight, those attending the event will enjoy a tour of the feminine and masculine trends Spring / Summer. And to round off, a nod to fashion man Gene Cabaleiro close the parade with the image and innovative designs that catapulted him around the world, and today, despite the passage of time are still relevant today.

And also this third gateway Midnight Fashion Show, Balneario de Mondariz, sinifica return to Galicia Galician designer, Christopher Vidal, based in Barcelona, ​​with the presentation of his latest work with the trends of the 18 new Galician creators and Portuguese selected this year. Among them, Amaya Fernandez, Saroka Rosales, Noa Estévez, Ana Puime, Sandra Santiso or Maria Jose Sampaio, who will try to show that fashion and feels Galicia ‘is quite fashionable’.

Christopher Vidal surprised with wedding proposals, dressed in linen and cotton silks with white bone, white snow, and vanilla, mixing the outfitters cuts with a more eastern line. It tailors its characteristic cuts are reinterpreted in skirts, dresses(http://www.dressesmallau.co/formal-dresses-adelaide-c327/) and jackets natural fibers. And holiday, for woman and man, the sophistication of the linastros and creps black wool embroidered with gold thread and silver by hand by Ingenio jackets.