The lure of front slit formal evening dresses

When the New Year draw closer and closer, annul meeting and party are coming!Do you want to a new look in 2016? You can change from your dress style. In the red carpet fashion, formal evening gown with front slit are always popular, and it will be in vogue again in the following year.

You may see a lot of sexy formal dresses style such Deep V neck, open back, lace etc. In my opinion, One trend will continue in 2016———- that we see as emerging and fast gaining popularity is the presence of high slits.

Megan Fox Maroon Roberto Cavalli High-slit formal Dress

International celebrities who made it to the top list of beautifully carrying off the high slit dresses and gowns at various red carpet events starting end of last year were Megan Fox in her purple thigh high Donna Karan dress and later, in her maroon Roberto Cavalli cut out dress with a slit much higher than her purple gown, both worn to the premiers of the movie Transformers; Cindy Crawford in her black dress with a mid thigh high slit at the premier of Fantastic Mr. Fox and the oomph girl Fergie in her shimmery black and silver fitted dress with a slit at the center front.

Front slit red formal dresses online

sheath one shoulder red formal dresses

Everybody sat up and noticed her sun kissed body, well toned legs that showed through beautifully from the slit and tousled hair and though she was not a winner that night, she went back home a happy woman, as her gown made fashion critics sit up and not only notice, but even applaud the sexy dress and set the path for many more such dresses to be donned at the red carpet events.

At the same event, many other celebrities too wore the high slit dresses and were applauded for not only their well toned bodies, but also their dresses.

Who can pull off the look?

While it is said that you need to create your own fashion statement and have your own distinctive individuality, the trick is to really know if you would end up looking drop dead gorgeous or trash can.

A well toned body and really long legs is a must for carrying off this look. Petite, shorter frames should stay away from the look as they may  end up looking podgy. Designers are of the opinion that a lot of women in India can actually carry off this look, primarily because their problem area is not really the legs, it is the waistline.

Go for styles which have slits at the side or the center and deciding how high those slits should really be , are some other factors to consider. With ever increasing slit lengths, wearing a center slit which barely covers your modesty may not be the only answer to look sexy. Choose a dress which shows off your assets to your advantage, without making you look like a cheap , dressed down version of an imported designer! We all know too well ““ there is a fine line dividing the vulgar from the stylish. In 2016, you will become different with such gorgeous gowns.

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Collection 2016 vestments Elisabetta Franchi


The collection of wedding dresses 2016 Elisabetta Franchi stands out this year for new unique style and very original. Inspiration for the creations of the most exclusive luxury Italian brand is the East, its fine fabrics, the forms that have marked the history of fashion decorated with modern details and chromatic very chic.

Elisabetta Franchi, vestments courts



As I looked forward to the 2016 collection of Elizabeth Franks quickly demonstrates a penchant for short dresses, made in particular in the form of kimono. In the pictures of our photo gallery you will see silk minidress that stop on the knee with a white or ivory and blue or red applications that embellish the bodice. The classic models, the brand crossed alternate versions to the portfolio, with jeweled belt based on silk to emphasize the waist.



Very present in the collection in 2016 also skaters dress, short dresses with pleated skirt that stop on the thigh: these are provided for in the basic version with clear and colorful applications, or those in total black classic completed but panels and mesh inserts of character. Vestments sheath have always been the most loved by women, so space in the proposed fashion house also creations belonging to the silhouette in dark tones and shades sorbet more ladylike.

Elisabetta Franchi, vestments long


Like collections such as formal dresses 2016 Zuhair Murad, also Elizabeth Franks incorporated in its line several models of long dresses, very sophisticated items inspired by those of Haute Couture.



The more daring versions are designed with semi-transparent mesh panels that reveal the legs, but also in the forms with plunging necklines front and in those with high slits on the thigh. You will find them in colors such as black classic, gold and pastel nuances liveliest like orange and turquoise.



Space also dresses completely printed by the asymmetrical shape and versions with tulle skirt slipped under a bodice woven. To complete the collection 2016 of the brand are also different models of jumpsuit with bodice jewel and suits with jackets members, short or long, trousers combined in fabrics like silk and satin.





Winter wedding hairstyles with hair braid


Here are some wedding hairstyles winter with hair braided with which you will make a great impression on the altar.

Although the braid is a hairstyle that makes think of summer, if you decide to get married in the winter, but you like the idea of ​​a hairstyle winter wedding(vintage wedding dresses) with hair braided you can still do so, as the braids are an integral part of many Wedding hairstyles in all seasons: if desired, you can try to interpret it with a touch of personality to be really clean. Here are some very beautiful:

1 – It ‘a very special this braid that starts at the shoulders and goes to weave very long hair showing them in all their beauty: ideal for those who want a process that gives the idea of ​​the hair loose. Fabulous side clip, a branch of pearls, rhinestones and sequins.


2 – The messy braid, she worked on a compound in the lower neck, and adorned with a crown of old-fashioned with matching earrings. Perfect for a wedding in style with retro. If you do not like the look too much load can replace hanging with two small pearls.


3 – very wavy or curly hair will be made spectacular by two braids soft side, culminating in a low yield for a bride look of yesteryear. Very nice also if you choose to wear a hood of fur over the wedding dress.


4 – A side braid that starts from the left temple and goes to wind down across all the hair to culminate on the right shoulder, as if you were embracing the foliage.


Did you like these proposals to wedding hairstyles winter with hair braided? So what are you waiting to pick one that you like best?

The most beautiful wedding dresses for remarriage

Are you looking for beautiful wedding dresses for second marriages? We offer a wide selection that will not leave at all indifferent.


Among the most beautiful wedding dresses for second marriages are short models, relaxed, straight or classic and formal ways. With the growing number of divorces, more and more couples getting married remarried, leaving behind a failed marriage.


In these cases, the perfect gowns are those that combine the importance of this occasion but without following any tradition, which often influence more in the first weddings. We will discover how to choose wedding dresses and what are the preferred models are remarriage.

Simple wedding dresses



For remarriage, usually opt for simple dresses that fit best with a less ostentatious ceremony. In fact, after I left you out in the first ceremony, often prefer low cost to organize a wedding on the second occasion, highlighting the most intimate and more romantic in the relationship that is meant to celebrate aspects.



As for the color of the wedding dress, you can choose the one you want with total freedom: not only white, also the tone champagne, ivory, pink or all shades of pastel.


As it regards models prevail short wedding dresses, whether more formal models with special touches like an original veil, or whether more daring, with several billowing skirts, asymmetrical or ruffled layers. Long dresses bride is not prohibited for remarriage, but the soft models that fall into the body, to open up a bit in the foothills creating silhouettes on A. In these cases it is best to discard the sheer dresses or skirts are preferred wide.

Fabrics, applications and details



Wedding dresses for second marriages require a certain sobriety and fabrics that best meet this requirement and demand are those like chiffon, silk, lace, organza or shantung. Precious applications like pearls or Swarovski crystals generally shine in very specific parts of the dresses, like the neck or waist, while the layers and frills enrich the simplicity of the lines and ensure not to fall into banality excessive simplicity.


On the other hand, remarriage are ideal for carrying a vintage wedding dress, inspired by the 50s occasion.

Without clothes for the holidays? How about renting a dress?

Spend the year in Cavalli, Missoni and Valentino is no longer synonymous with running out of money 365 days following. The Chic by Choice rents luxury dresses from € 50 and has over a thousand in stock options.


As the door opens it arises another wall made of boxes. A stack of cartons that a hasty team closes with tape and identifies addresses with a little throughout Europe. It is a bustle of orders with domestic and foreign addresses. Some will come, others will leave, because the dresses(formal dresses) that are within the packaging have “see” back – are dressed for rent, secret of the Portuguese Chic by Choice business, a successful startup that in recent months has attracted an investment of 1.5 million euros and the likes of Paul Matthew Pinto (President of La Redoute Iberia) and Nuno Miller (formerly responsible for the technological area of ​​Farfetch and current responsible for the digital channels of Sonae).


The door that opens gives the new showroom of the company in Rua Castilho, Lisbon, excuse for a visit Observer and where these days there hands full before orders for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. “We have over a thousand dresses in stock, always rotate between our warehouse and various parts of Europe,” explains Lara Vidreiro, co-founder of the brand along with Filipa Neto.


Attracted by entrepreneurship competition believed Portugal, the two friends had the idea for the business from its own need: “We realized that we were investing too much in parts only wore once and that for the same money we could use several dresses” account Lara, 25, put in other words the gesture that many women know to push the cabinet ends the dresses they use (or have used) when the king’s birthday. “Through the lease, and at a fraction of the final price [15%], we can give this experience to women who are economically conscious. Does not mean they do not have money, but may have other priorities, are the children or the holidays. “


Catalog of Chic by Choice are part brands such as Alberta Ferretti, Diane von Furstenberg, Elisabetta Franchi, Hervé Léger, Roberto Cavalli, Missoni, Valentino and Matthew Williamson to name the most vocal. With more or less zeros, to wear creations of these designers on special occasions there is a simple mathematical rule: the rental price is calculated from the original price dress sale – for a four-day rental, pay 15% of the label, for eight days, pay 20%. “In practice has 85% discount on the more traditional rental model,” says Lara. That means there dresses from 50 euros, and the order is included in the collection by a courier, dry cleaning and any repairs necessary.


How it works?

In the words of Lara Vidreiro, “the site functions as the booking of a hotel room.” From any point of the European community only has to:

  • choose the size you wear;
  • indicate the date of delivery (such as sending takes 24 hours, the company recommends that is two days before the event);
  • choose the rental period (four to eight days);
  • choose the dress.

The middle may use the tracking – free – a stylist, ask questions in an online chat or filter your search by themes like the style, the type of sleeve and length or neckline. Just take into account that the dresses(evening dresses) go for the entire European continent and are not always available.


We are less seasonal than was expected, “says Lara Vidreiro. “The time of marriages is increasingly spaced and beyond that there are proms, company parties, galas and the New Year.”


After betting in Germany and the UK – already responsible for 70% of the business after a year online – the startup also plans to strengthen its presence in Portugal, a gown at a time. In our country the concept of rental can “is not yet rooted,” as Lara, but the relentless social networks have also complicated gymnastics to repeat dresses at parties and weddings with different guests without anyone to notice.

High hairstyles for the bride: the most elegant ideas

High hairstyles for the bride: the most elegant ideas


In the field of high hairstyles for the bride, the possibilities are many, very sophisticated hairstyle style to match with dresses equally sought after. There are many interesting ideas from the haute couture, collected very complex and drawn, ranging softer and natural addition to styling echoes bono chic for those who love this kind of style. We see all the best ideas for modern brides.

High hairstyles for the bride: the classic chignon


Among the wedding(casual wedding dresses) hairstyles, the harvest in its various versions is always very popular, and this because dell’allure refined and elegant that gives every face. Hairstyles and chignons are always the most popular, collected simple or more complex, however, reserved especially for brides with long hair, those that are best suited to be twisted to create structures tall and bulky.


As you can see by browsing the images in our photo gallery, the possibilities are many and all very interesting. Yields very high can be embellished with braids pulled boundary, or tiaras, headbands and pins jewelry to be applied at the end. The chigon softer instead accompany strands left free along the sides of the head, even if you want these to be fixed with clips or bands with lace style 20s.

Crops high complex


Among the hairstyle for the bride(bridal gowns) with a veil, also yields high have a prominent place. The more complex structures such as those with swirls and curls attached to art can indeed be made more romantic setting at the bottom of the veil.


From the haute couture come the most original ideas, very tall hairstyle with spirals structured starting from the nape and rise to the top, fashion and innovative idea that already several celebrities have chosen for the best day of their lives.


To lovers of style boho chic hairstyles are dedicated high semiraccolte, look seemingly simplest and “messy”, but in reality are far more structured classic chignon: images in our photo gallery we show you collected with games and swirls plots, hairstyle with bangs vacated or lateral locks framing the face. Among the most beautiful hair in recent months have more and more success with those big white flowers, from the classic rose to beautiful calla lilies, orchids to the most sophisticated.


Top 3 colors for Bridesmaid Dresses 2016

A right bridesmaid dress is significant for bridesmaid.  As a active role at the  weddings,  bridesmaids also wear beautiful gowns. In general, the right styles for wedding differed in color, fabric, season and wedding themes . Various color bridesmaid dresses are seen but a uniform tone is common practice.    Today let me introduce chic bridesmaid dresses with various colors online.

Fresh and distinctive green bridesmaid dresses are most suitable for spring wedding. In response to  the natural setting in spring, bridesmaids in green seem like leaves, and our brides in white are flowers at that romantic seasons.

Dressesmall 2013 Elegant Pleats Straps Satin Long Column Bridesmaid Dress

Fresh green bridesmaid dresses online

In hot seasons, short style  gowns are  top-selling at online  shops, and pastel bridesmaid dresses will be  best tone to comfort people at the wedding. From light blue to champagne bridesmaid dresses, you will no longer feel that terrible at sweltering days.

Dressesmall Strapless Applique Handmade flower Belt Wraped Taffeta Short Bridesmaid Dress

Elegant short champagne bridesmaid dresses 2016

Gentle and romantic purple are also welcome at the wedding. For a long time, purple bridesmaid dresses can pass mysterious and warm signal at your weddings.

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In summer, if you want to buy cheap elegant bridesmaid dresses online,chiffon bridesmaid gowns will be your top choice. In the end, wish our bridesmaids have nice party time with their perfect bridesmaid gowns.

Wedding: hairstyle, accessories and bridal gowns.

Buy discount wedding gowns online

Elegant wedding dresses with sleeves

There are endless with hairstyles and accessories to choose from for the wedding day. The important thing to keep in mind is that you should feel comfortable and beautiful in her hairstyle. Are you a person who does not bear advanced hair sets on a daily basis and maybe, at most, use a little mascara, it might be a good fit to choose a simple hairstyle and a natural makeup. You want to look like you are even on your wedding day.
A high, sloppy topknot is both easy to do yourself and give a relaxed impression. This knot can be placed high, low or behind the ear, for example.

For a pretty bride at the wedding, a beautiful wedding dress count, but a good hairstyle and some charming accessories will add more charms to you.

Decorate your stylish haircut with dainty accessories such as beautiful branches with brass leaves and flowers as you stand in the corner. Or choose a combo like this or this, and attached under or alongside your topknot.
What do you have for the hairstyle on your wedding day? Tell us!