Winter wedding hairstyles with hair braid


Here are some wedding hairstyles winter with hair braided with which you will make a great impression on the altar.

Although the braid is a hairstyle that makes think of summer, if you decide to get married in the winter, but you like the idea of ​​a hairstyle winter wedding(vintage wedding dresses) with hair braided you can still do so, as the braids are an integral part of many Wedding hairstyles in all seasons: if desired, you can try to interpret it with a touch of personality to be really clean. Here are some very beautiful:

1 – It ‘a very special this braid that starts at the shoulders and goes to weave very long hair showing them in all their beauty: ideal for those who want a process that gives the idea of ​​the hair loose. Fabulous side clip, a branch of pearls, rhinestones and sequins.


2 – The messy braid, she worked on a compound in the lower neck, and adorned with a crown of old-fashioned with matching earrings. Perfect for a wedding in style with retro. If you do not like the look too much load can replace hanging with two small pearls.


3 – very wavy or curly hair will be made spectacular by two braids soft side, culminating in a low yield for a bride look of yesteryear. Very nice also if you choose to wear a hood of fur over the wedding dress.


4 – A side braid that starts from the left temple and goes to wind down across all the hair to culminate on the right shoulder, as if you were embracing the foliage.


Did you like these proposals to wedding hairstyles winter with hair braided? So what are you waiting to pick one that you like best?

High hairstyles for the bride: the most elegant ideas

High hairstyles for the bride: the most elegant ideas


In the field of high hairstyles for the bride, the possibilities are many, very sophisticated hairstyle style to match with dresses equally sought after. There are many interesting ideas from the haute couture, collected very complex and drawn, ranging softer and natural addition to styling echoes bono chic for those who love this kind of style. We see all the best ideas for modern brides.

High hairstyles for the bride: the classic chignon


Among the wedding(casual wedding dresses) hairstyles, the harvest in its various versions is always very popular, and this because dell’allure refined and elegant that gives every face. Hairstyles and chignons are always the most popular, collected simple or more complex, however, reserved especially for brides with long hair, those that are best suited to be twisted to create structures tall and bulky.


As you can see by browsing the images in our photo gallery, the possibilities are many and all very interesting. Yields very high can be embellished with braids pulled boundary, or tiaras, headbands and pins jewelry to be applied at the end. The chigon softer instead accompany strands left free along the sides of the head, even if you want these to be fixed with clips or bands with lace style 20s.

Crops high complex


Among the hairstyle for the bride(bridal gowns) with a veil, also yields high have a prominent place. The more complex structures such as those with swirls and curls attached to art can indeed be made more romantic setting at the bottom of the veil.


From the haute couture come the most original ideas, very tall hairstyle with spirals structured starting from the nape and rise to the top, fashion and innovative idea that already several celebrities have chosen for the best day of their lives.


To lovers of style boho chic hairstyles are dedicated high semiraccolte, look seemingly simplest and “messy”, but in reality are far more structured classic chignon: images in our photo gallery we show you collected with games and swirls plots, hairstyle with bangs vacated or lateral locks framing the face. Among the most beautiful hair in recent months have more and more success with those big white flowers, from the classic rose to beautiful calla lilies, orchids to the most sophisticated.