What not to wear to a wedding

Summer. beach time, a barbecue and costume parties and .. time of invitations to weddings. And what is the main problem of every woman? Obviously, what to wear. You have probably already chosen to wear different look or maybe you have not the faintest idea of ​​what to put. In any case, we want to give you some suggestions on what to avoid absolutely if you are invited to a wedding:

1. A white dress

The bride is dressed in white, usually, so you can not put it, sorry. Wear light-colored clothing instead of colored powder or dark but warm, the color of the earth, but let the white lace dress for another occasion.(semi formal dresses)

2. High Heels

We know, it is the only way to feel higher and making sure that the dress is even better on him. But remember: you stay up all night, going from one table to another to chat or dance the night away. Choose a pair of walking shoes. A heel you, but maybe not the needle.

Cosa non indossare ad un matrimonio

3. Anything too short or too “revealing”

If in front of the mirror you think that the dress will fall perfectly on her, always do the test to sit or climb stairs. Avoid too short or too tight clothes that do not allow you to move or to stay too comfortable seats and, furthermore, they take you to be singled out and fixed for the entire evening.

4. Anything outside of the dress code

Although in the closet that you have skimpy cocktail dress you dying to wear, always consider the dress code of the evening. The dress more suited maybe could be that long or trousers.

5. Jewelry as decorations

Use short, simple and elegant jewelry. You do not need adornarvi as mannequins to look more beautiful.(http://www.dressesmallau.co/strapless-formal-dresses-c107/)

An advice? Wear pants. They are simple, they are good for any type of dress code, they are comfortable, you can wear them with heels no trope ups and you can match them to any kind of jewel. Better than that!

The happiness of the newlyweds to church

A few hours after their civil marriage, Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall said ‘yes’ for the second time Saturday at St Bride’s Church, London. The couple exchanged vows in a small Committee, before their families and close friends.
A few hours after their civil marriage, Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall said ‘yes’ for the second time Saturday at St Bride’s Church, London. The couple exchanged vows in a small Committee, before their families and close friends. Andrew Lloyd Webber, the musician Bob Geldof, Barry Humphries and Michael Caine, the journalist Rebekah Brooks actors were particularly part of the guests handpicked.

wedding party dresses

Grey online formal dresses

The bride, dressed in a beautiful light blue dress signed Vivienne Westwood, arrived in the arms of his son James Jagger, had with the lead singer of the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger. His daughters Georgia May and Elizabeth Jagger were office for bridesmaids, as the four daughters of the 84 years Prudence, Elisabeth, Grace and Chloe Murdoch media mogul. The former American model of 59 years had also invited Karis Jagger, the daughter of rocker and Marsha Hunt, his first wife Bianca Jagger and daughter Jade. The groom has posed with his two witnesses, his sons Lachlan and James, all three dressed in costumes dark blue. After the ceremony, Rupert Murdoch and his wife showed a smile, immortalized by the many photographers at the event.

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Simple formal dresses for bridesmaids

The couple, who formed during the summer 2016, had made their relationship public during the October rugby World Cup final. They got engaged the weekend last in Los Angeles, where they attended the 73rd the Golden Globes Ceremony. Rupert Murdoch, whose fortune is estimated by Forbes at $ 11 billion, including holds the ‘Wall Street Journal’, the ‘Sun’ and the Times of London, as well as the “New York Post”. For the Australian Tycoon who now has American citizenship, it will be his fourth marriage. And the second for Jerry Hall, 59, who had been the wife of Mick Jagger between 1990 and 1999.

Convertible blue formal bridesmaid dresses online

We love a dress that marries fashion and function, which is why we can’t get enough of the DressesMallAU.co. Convertible bridesmaid dresses are a trend that is sure to stick around. These dresses allow bridesmaids to easily tie the attached panels in a way that shows off their personal style and makes them feel confident and comfortable. Jenny Yoo knocked it out of the wedding world when she created the formal bridesmaid dress. The soft tulle fabric is ethereal and romantic. It’s beautiful as the starting strapless dress but offers just the right amount of cover when you tie this bridesmaid dress with one strap or two.

Jenny-Yoo-Annabelle-Bridesmaid-DressBridesmaid dresses online

 Our favorite part about the convertible DressesMallAU? The available colors can create a gorgeous look for any bridal party. Have a smaller wedding party? Pick your favorite color and let each bridesmaid tie her formal dress in a different way. A bigger bridal party allows you to try an ombre color palette while still mixing and matching the convertible bridesmaid formal dress styles. Check out one of our favorite weddings pictured below with different blues in the Dressesmallau dress.

 Looking for help finding the perfect bridesmaid dress? See useful information about formal dresses here.

Ariana Grande: the collection for Lipsy is here!

Ariana Grande created in collaboration with Lipsy London a place of her collection


Ariana Grande has finally unveiled its collection created with Lipsy London. The former Disney star, as well as being a successful singer, actress (how could we forget his portrayal of Chanel # 2 trash in Scream Queens), dog lover, declared feminist … is now also become a fashion designer. A month ago it was leaked the news that Ariana themselves collaborating with the British brand Lipsy for a spring collection inspired by his pop and sugary style. News that it can now be said to be confirmed.


The singer of the Focus line is finally here and perfectly reflects his personality. Ariana Grande has defined his collection to the Daily Mail Online:

“It’s fun, feminine and completely accessible to all. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to create this range for my fans. ”


The choice is very wide. The line includes about twenty pieces and is a succession of prom dresses, perfect to embody your soul to the pop princess. Also there are the lacy crop top and flared skirts. The pastel tones, black and floral design color these garments perfect for all those who love to be always ready to celebrate.


Also an elegant evening gown, long, red with crossed straps great for a gala evening. The piece is most striking is the pastel pink cocktail dress(formal dresses au) with tulle skirt that accompanied with a black leather jacket will give meaning to your wildest evenings.


He could not certainly miss a headband with cat ears completely encrusted with diamonds, perfect to enchant your suitors (CAT, not dead cat!).


Whether you are a Arianator or not it does not matter, surely you will find something perfect for you and your wardrobe. What are you waiting for? Run on Lipsy site and unleash your credit card!


Opulent and with lace – Bridal Fashion Trends 2016


Hochheim am Main (dpa / tmn) – The opulence is back: in 2016 many brides marry again in sweeping robes. “We will see a lot of princesses dresses(princess wedding dresses) with flared skirts,” predicts Nancy Weitzel, Director of Forever Bridal in Hochheim am Main.

However, unlike even a few years ago, they were no longer occupied with sequins, but with lace. Those who opt for such a dress in a romantic style, should under no circumstances give up the veil – and not on the train. “She is in 2016 like the two feet long.”

onlineImage (1)

Another new feature is that the shell ends increasingly closed high. “About the so-called breast flesh-colored see-through parts are used, which give the appearance of being transparent,” explains the Munich style consultant Nadine Wittig. And Weitzel adds, “is often put on top, which then looks as if she would lie directly on the shoulders or décolletage on the stakes.” On the back it is 2016 more freely: “Clever, sometimes very deep waterfall cutouts or transparent, with lace-trimmed inserts make it 2016. sexy eye-catcher, “says Wittig.

Even the color the style consultant has identified a new feature: “The petticoat is decorated in delicate pastel shades, is worn over a transparent lace dress,” she describes the new trend. In the church wedding, the combination would be worn at the ceremony after the overdress could then be omitted.

onlineImage (2)

Similarly, does the Light-gold effect. “The dress is slightly darker held about in a light taupe, and dotted with gleaming white tip that protrudes visually,” Weitzel describes. Especially women with fair complexion could carry such variations well. Those who want classic, accesses dresses in ivory. Both colored wedding dresses(pink wedding dress) as well as pure white we will hardly see in the coming year, so Angela Marion heeled, owner of the bridal business, “White on Black” in Oberursel im Taunus.

The second major trend are wedding dresses in vintage style. “They attack the 20s to the 70s and to embody the hippie look,” says Wittig. These dresses are characterized by a narrow, flowing shape. Even more than in 2015 whether they are working with plenty of fine French and Belgian lace, says Weitzel.

The husbands-to-be wearing Italian: “The Men’s Suits are currently narrow-cut and very fitted. This dandy look is also taken up in the fashion for the groom, “observed Wittig. Also color the gentlemen dare more. “Instead of the dark suit, we see lighter tones, especially blue.” The tie or silk scarf should like to stand out in color and are ideally tailored to the colored accessory of the bride.

“So are not the bride and the man in a classic vintage look before the altar, and the style should be matched,” advises Wittig. Best Buy both a the same bridal shop. The Seller fit the suit to the dress without the groom noticing anything. He buys elsewhere one, he should definitely take a swatch from the bridal gown. “Photos distort the color and nature of the fabric always,” says Weitzel.

Collection Air Festival 2016


A collections of prom dresses and evening gowns most anticipated of the year already disclosed. We explain all the details!

Midi skirts, cocktail dresses, evening dresses, transparencies, brocades and bare backs seem to be the keys to the new party line Aire Barcelona 2016.



In addition, its extensive and varied number of designs inspired patterns also crazy 20s in their flappers and the Charleston are added. As well as the Asian world and especially in chinoiserie prints and dresses in the style of the kimono (as I discussed, one of the most booming trend in recent times) .The pockets, prints or small daisies Models with long sleeves and tunic complete a range of possibilities that is also reflected in the color palette, with colors like dusty pink, silver, deep red, light blue, cobalt, turquoise or gold.



On the other hand, it also highlights the wide range of fabrics used to make each of the suits, from crepe, applications rhinestones, tulle or chiffon silky up resentments, the aforementioned lace or brocade.













8 styles of weddings alternative for your wedding!

Have you already thought about what style to inspire your wedding reception? Here are 8 alternative styles not to be missed!


The proposal was made there, now we have to organize every detail of your wedding. Have you already thought about what style to adopt for the wedding reception? If tradition and classical schemes there are too tight, what do you want to celebrate the happiest day of life with a style completely out of the ordinary, a way to impress friends and relatives and to bring out your personality?

Here are eight styles for weddings(bridesmaid dress) alternative from which to draw inspiration!

1. Boho chic


If yours is a spirit among the bohemians and hippies, then the wedding style boho chic is definitely perfect for you! For best results, first of all, must you are planning a summer wedding outdoors, even in the countryside surrounded by greenery. To characterize the whole there will be some essential elements such as flowers, and many of each variety, lounge areas with rugs and cushions, objects in retro style like old suitcases and small silver trays as a table centerpiece. In addition, the bride must be strictly barefoot!

2. Vintage


Among the styles for weddings alternative, the vintage is more fashionable in recent times. For the preparations will benaccetti retro items, antiques, preferred colors white or natural wood. In addition, for the buffet glass bells for sweets and a box for birds such as candle holders, what do you say?

3. Industrial

To impress all your guests how about choosing the theme of your wedding style industrial? To succeed will need to find a location that fits the occasion, so what better place than an old factory. To decorate, many bulbs and bright letters giants!

4. Eco-friendly

To continue to be friends of the planet and respect even in the wedding day, an eco-friendly wedding is just what we need! Definately will be the predominant theme color is green for all the assemblies for the details of the couple gown. In addition, objects made from recycled materials will be perfect to create the right setting. For equity wedding might instead opt for the electronic format, cheaper but also more environmentally friendly!

5. Zen

If you are fascinated from the east and from all its traditions, why not organize a fantastic wedding zen, where the main elements will be sand, stones of all sizes and water. To top it all a feast of sushi could be ideal!

6. Picnic

Among the styles for alternative wedding picnic it is undoubtedly one of the most original and fun. Outdoor setting, in the countryside or by the sea, where the seats are comfortable and colorful cushions and carpets where the guests are free to relax. A cute idea would be to find your friends a small kit with sunglasses, fans and hats for the day.

7. Disney Princesses

For brides romantic dreamers and instead will be the perfect fairytale wedding(formal dress)! Inspired by the Disney classics you plan every detail of your wedding depending on your favorite fairy tale, Cinderella style gown in the carriage to transport the bride and groom!

8. Pop art

Finally, among the styles for weddings very original alternative could be married in pop art theme. As? Using strong colors and bright for the preparations of the reception, but also for the wedding invitations. In addition, the tableau de mariage style Andy Warhol and wedding cake with polka dots!

Collection 2016 wedding dresses Pierre Cardin


The collection of wedding ceremony Pierre Cardin for 2016 is full of new colorful and very chic, models dedicated to ceremonies both summer and winter to those proposed in shapes and colors to suit all tastes. The brand wanted for the new year sophisticated creations and female structures designed to enhance any type of silhouette, sophisticated clothes and variants more cheeky. Let’s find out what’s new line of Pierre Cardin in 2016.

Pierre Cardin, vestments courts


Vestments sheath have always had a great fascination on women and modern fashion designers, models that stand out even among the new features of the proposal signed Pierre Cardin. As you will see by browsing the images in our photo gallery, we talk about short dresses that adhere to grace the female form, models in satin and silk designed in forms with one shoulder strap with one or bodice covered with lace embroidery.



You’ll find them in a wide range of colors, from the deepest red to turquoise etiquette, from pale pink to salmon sorbet, cobalt blue most wanted. Also very beautiful dresses with flared skirts, pleated skater dress that the brand has made strapless shapes without braces, with embroidered sleeves or with thin straps in dark tones, light or pastel for every need.

Pierre Cardin, the long formal dresses


But like collections such as wedding dresses Max Mara in 2016, Pierre Cardin has dedicated an important place in his line models midi and long. Vestments long have been thought in many characteristic forms.



The clothes have slipped embroidered bodices and skirts that go down smooth or pleated to inguantare forms, models with matching boleros and capes tulle equally refined.



Very popular this year vestments asymmetrical creations that reveal the legs in the front and then continue with a long skirt in the back. You’ll find them in black always much loved by modern women, in shades of turquoise, pink, cobalt blue, red, indigo and wisteria. There is also space for clothes combined with corsage contrasting colors with the base, innovation in traditional black & white and pastel versions inspired by the trend coolest of the season.









Max Mara ceremony dresses 2016: The new collection

Are you willing to see the ceremony dresses 2016 Max Mara? Because in Her Today we show the new collection. You’ll love it.


The collection of dresses 2016 Max Mara ceremony points to a classic and feminine hyper, a proposal characterized by models in rich fabrics in dark colors or sorbet. The heart of the line signed by Max Mara are the fascinating dresses with the most refined style, but also more vaporous skater dresses and perfect jumpsuit for women daring character. We discover together the new collection of dresses 2016 Max Mara ceremony.

Max Mara gowns


Like many collections of dresses couture ceremony, the Italian maison long models included among its various proposals.


Long dresses(long evening dresses) ceremony was presented in the most elegant forms, like those straight: in the photo gallery you can see models with one shoulder in floral lace with decorative in the only tie in basic colors like black flowers, but also bon ton in shades like dusty pink.


The most intense for minimal chic style dresses with necklines closed, which is complete with folds on the sides red. For straighter silhouettes, la maison presents dresses with flared and pleated skirts, tops that combine with embroidered lace and taffeta skirts style of the most sophisticated style.

Short ceremony dresses Max Mara



Very present in signature collection, short dresses and midi ceremony. The pipe ceremony dresses are always the first choice for women who love a refined style and daring at the same time: Max Mara presents these models in basic colors like black or camel, in versions with gradient effect Jacquard or strapless Dress with skirts that reach the knees.


Are the most romantic dresses(formal dresses) with wide or trapeze style skirt Duchess, also in dark or jewel tones like red. The mini-dresses come in silk body contrasting with skirts.

The ceremony jumpsuit Max Mara



A great success in recent years are the jumpsuit ceremony, formal wear one-piece pants at the bottom. Max Mara introduces proposing them in their new collection of precious fabrics like Cady, organza or fil coupe. The can on the official website of the house – in which online store prices are indicated for each model – in pink versions, black, combined with mini-dresses or variants with embroidery on the top.


Which of these dresses ceremony is the prettiest of the 2016 collection of Max Mara?

Collection 2016 vestments Elisabetta Franchi


The collection of wedding dresses 2016 Elisabetta Franchi stands out this year for new unique style and very original. Inspiration for the creations of the most exclusive luxury Italian brand is the East, its fine fabrics, the forms that have marked the history of fashion decorated with modern details and chromatic very chic.

Elisabetta Franchi, vestments courts



As I looked forward to the 2016 collection of Elizabeth Franks quickly demonstrates a penchant for short dresses, made in particular in the form of kimono. In the pictures of our photo gallery you will see silk minidress that stop on the knee with a white or ivory and blue or red applications that embellish the bodice. The classic models, the brand crossed alternate versions to the portfolio, with jeweled belt based on silk to emphasize the waist.



Very present in the collection in 2016 also skaters dress, short dresses with pleated skirt that stop on the thigh: these are provided for in the basic version with clear and colorful applications, or those in total black classic completed but panels and mesh inserts of character. Vestments sheath have always been the most loved by women, so space in the proposed fashion house also creations belonging to the silhouette in dark tones and shades sorbet more ladylike.

Elisabetta Franchi, vestments long


Like collections such as formal dresses 2016 Zuhair Murad, also Elizabeth Franks incorporated in its line several models of long dresses, very sophisticated items inspired by those of Haute Couture.



The more daring versions are designed with semi-transparent mesh panels that reveal the legs, but also in the forms with plunging necklines front and in those with high slits on the thigh. You will find them in colors such as black classic, gold and pastel nuances liveliest like orange and turquoise.



Space also dresses completely printed by the asymmetrical shape and versions with tulle skirt slipped under a bodice woven. To complete the collection 2016 of the brand are also different models of jumpsuit with bodice jewel and suits with jackets members, short or long, trousers combined in fabrics like silk and satin.