The twins of fashion: from the attic of the house in Dubai

A successful the clothes designed by the very young designers Francesca and Veronica Feleppa, 22 years: their creations are required boutiques Italian and foreign. Among the celebrities who wear them is the former tissue Federica Nargi


Designing clothes(bridesmaid dresses 2016) in the attic of the house and see them worn by celebrities or for sale in the largest boutique is the dream of anyone who wants to do the designer, but it has become a splendid reality for the twins Veronica and Francesca Feleppa fashion. Morrovalle, the two sisters, only 22 years old have already created their own brand and seen their creations worn by show girl and former tissue Federica Nargi, but also in several boutiques abroad: from Dubai to California.


The passion of the young designers, born from tiny when little more than teenagers are locked up in the room to draw skirts, dresses and tops. Now they see realized their greatest passion becomes a real job. “We started to sew from very young, by a seamstress near home – says Valentina Feleppa – alternated to fashion school in Civitanova, the practice in tailoring and slowly took shape our dream. He graduated we did master classes and worked at the Tod’s and other companies. Then two years ago we created our own brand, exclusively female: Valentina and Francesca Feleppa “. To what stand your clothes? “I think they are cool and elegant at the same time. Clothes that are born thinking of a woman between 16 and 40 and represent the mix of our idea of ​​fashion. My sister and we complement much, we are complementary and has been a strong point in this respect, “says Veronica. The sale took place initially only on the web, then began the first contacts, arrived mainly thanks to social: “Soon the photos of our models have spread – Veronica says – and we started to be followed by fashion blogger notes. Suddenly we were called by boutiques in Italy and abroad, and so begin to sell our clothes in stores as well as on the internet. ”


It’s not all. Just one of the most famous fashion blogger of Italy, Eleonora Brunacci, can no longer do without their clothes, so as to have entrusted the twins Feleppa those of the bridesmaids for your wedding(bridesmaid dresses), celebrated in September: “This was a great satisfaction. Next to the clothes of the couple, the designer Carlo Pignatelli, there were our and it was really exciting. Although the greatest satisfaction we’re experiencing right now. We are moving from the current showroom in Morrovalle and we will move to a larger one in Borgo Pintura in which we will open our first boutique brand unique. ” Yet hidden in the drawer of two young designers, there is still a dream to fulfill: “Our biggest dream is to get to the fashion week in Milan and Paris seeing pull our clothes on the catwalk.”




Goya 2015: The famous dresses on Red carpet

Once again Spanish cinema evening party dresses, this year if there is reason to celebrate, with a fuchsia carpet also want to pay tribute to the fashion of our country. So were the looks of the famous in the pink carpet at the Goya 2015!

Manuela Vella:

Manuela Vella goya 2015

Velvet actress was one of the first to step on the red carpet and has done so with a gold sequin look at, very typical of the great nights, the Italian designer Elisabetta Franchi. The perfect supplements have been lengthy shaped earrings teardrop especially attracted attention, especially the deep tan or dark skin tone for these months. You did not have happened a little bit with the UVA?

Marta Hazas:

Marta Hazas goya dress

The Velvet companion Manuela Valles has opted for a vanilla colored sequin prom dress with short sleeves and tail, Jorge Vazquez has combined with golden clutch with rhinestones and custom applications especially for her Lodi shoes.

Nieves Alvarez:

Nieves Alvarez black Formal Dresses

This time, Nieves Alvarez has opted for vestidazo couture collection autumn winter 2014- 2015 Stephane Rolland long sleeves and sheer mesh neckline and body style corset with satin lapels. The stunning skirt with tail known for its effect in degradation and natural feathers applications. While the bag (in satin and with a big bow) and shoes (with applications and rhinestone heel 12 cm) have been specially created for this formal dress distinctive and well-known by the Christian Loboutin. Lastly, the Spanish model completed her outfit on the red (or fuchsia) carpet at the Goya Awards 2015 with exclusive Bvlgari jewelry. Definitely a look within reach of very few!

Blanca Suarez:

The fashionable girl with the fashion color! And it is that Blanca Suarez has opted for a stunning dress in marsala colored with embroidery long sleeve body fully transparent and skirt with pockets bulging.

Clara Lago:

Clara Lago red formal gown on Goya 2015

The actress of “Eight Basque surnames” has also decided to bet on the color of fashion, marsala, with a minimalist design and vaporous column type Ulises Merida. And although her red formal gown does not displease me at all, I think that both collected as no makeup made ​​him no favor to his face and have taken a few (many) years above. A real pity!

Right ankle length wedding dresses for your best time

With the informal weddings becoming more and more popular today, ankle length wedding dresses are become the hits for many young ladies. Today let’s discuss about stylish ankle length wedding dresses from online stores.

1. A line bridal gowns

Elegant A line wedding dresses flatter almost any figure. Modern ankle length wedding dresses with this dress length are very attractive and convenient for your best wedding time.

Pleats Strapless Ball Gown Tea length Tulle Wedding Dress

2. Sweetheart wedding gowns

Sweetheart ankle length wedding dresses are combination of sexy and elegant elements. The lovely heart designs are very endearing and cute for young brides today.

Lutterworth Tulle Sweetheart Sleeveless Short & Mini Wedding Dress Persun

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3. Sexy V neck wedding gowns

Sexy wedding dresses with V neck gowns can flatter your perfect figures well. Besides, the ankle length design will make your bridal gowns more gorgeous. If you have such gowns at your wedding parties, you will be the most charming lady at your special days.

Sheath / Column V neck Asymmetry Beach Wedding Dress

4. Satin wedding gowns

Ankle length satin wedding dresses are elegant and stunning at the beach weddings. For most brides, a simple but comfortable bridal dress will make their weddings more exciting.

Simple Satin Strapless A Line Ankle Length Ivory Wedding Dress Persun


In short, when you want to buy cheap ankle length wedding dresses, you can go visit online stores for your best special occasion dresses UK. At present, there are a variety of beautiful dresses there, and it’s not difficult to buy your best gowns online.

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Handsome Jumpsuit to dress

In fact, this is a very popular jumpsuit of the 1970s, the big pants, bringing a little hip-hop feeling when walking. EmmaWatson wearing MishaNonoo to the British Fashion Awards. White looks nice on either black or white people.Kendall Jenner strapless white jumpsuitKendall Jenner in color block black and white suit, which set off the waistline and obvious hips, superb sexy and feminine.Jennifer Lopez sexy formal dressOf course, if it is a grand occasion, you can learn from Jennifer Lopez, dress in sparkling diamonds, like the flashing stars of heaven.Victoria Beckham street styleIf you wear a black jumpsuit, take Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo, add a neat white vest to achieve a capable modern look.

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Shinny formal dress help you become the party queen

For this spring season, a variety of lively festivals and dazzling party will be coming up, in this year, the shiny satin party dress has became a thorny most hot fashion items, whether it is on the red carpet or conference, it is not difficult to see the sight, it is the most appropriate to use this dress as party dress, today we will learn how to put on shiny star party dress.


A woman who wear red dress well, it must be a woman who full of styles. Brightest female stars, there is no one never to try on red dress. New Year’s party get together when warm and bright red is the best color for the occasion. Glossy + red, it is so glamorous and luxury!

If you think the bright red dress is too over, then try on the pants. Marisa Tomei’s thin silk red suit, although the three dimensional is weaker but sense of style drape well, the pants is more easy, more comfortable and casual. This shiny pants suit, the requirements of the gas field is very high.

Marisa Tomei's red pants suitPurple

Purple is a symbol of mystery, it is low-key, elegant , elusive who wore a purple dress, full of mysterious people, people can not help but want to find out. Glossy elements adds mysterious and gorgeous.

Giuliana Rancic all this shiny purple dress bright spot in bound neck design, appear very is plump.

Giuliana Rancic's purple halter party dress

Giuliana Rancic’s shinny halter long purple dress on the red carpet


Whatever the occasion, yellow is always like a little sun and then people can not be ignored. A shiny yellow dress is simply a light.

Model Camila Alves this yellow shiny dress give full play to the characteristics of the material, through the fold line build clothing modelling and curves of the body, color changes in natural light clothes by fold lines, it has been enough to attract attention, for accessories, what are can be saved.

Camila Alves's yellow high split party dress

Model Camila’s long high split yellow dress on the red carpet


From deep and shallow color changes, mild temperament and not lose the gas field is blue dress keywords.

South Korean actress Lee Chae-young this one bright blue dress is elegant and intellectual dress walking routes, like this simple design, the taste is reflected in the material and style. From all aspects, this skirt are considered standard, but, girl’s what your neck it?

Korean actress Lee Chae-young long blue evening dress

South Korean actress Lee Chae-young shinny long blue dress on the red carpet


Green is the vibrant colors, people is always tend to unconsciously looking green stuff. Selected for green, pure absorption index absolutely hundred.

Jane Krakowski’s this Bulgari dress, the color is emerald green, it is very ride for her complexion and hair color, line style with bright matte surface material, so that the skirt is very rich. Brightly without unduly exaggerated, relatively low-key but never ordinary.

Jane Krakowski's green ankle length evening dress

 Jane Krakowski’s Bulgari strapless green dress on the red carpet


Top 5 popular mix match in 2015

printing mash fashion dresses.webp

1 Printing mash

It seems that blouse was the ancient times for woman to wear and now seems to be the universal habit, all the designers are also fighting now, personalized printing even more sensitive and passionate interpretation, printing VS printing mash look is also very popular, Navy-style stack wear blowing from your body, such as fry.

print mash fashion mash.webp

2 Long dress with short jacket mash

High waist is a golden point to highlight your figure, elegant pleated satin mopping the floor, handsome white shirt is simple in the end, it is like the elegance and joy never contradictory.

long dress with short jacket mash.webp

 Long dress with short jacket mash

3 Crop top

Vintage crop top abandoned deliberately modified on fashion waist, it is only to restore the beauty of your own, this natural elegance is more sexy on the backless chest and back, with a silhouette coat, stylish and warm.

crop top style fashion mash.webp

4 Material collision

Who says winter will wrap up her severely? The summer flowing chiffon skirt mix warm winter sweater, one long one short, one heavy one light, different styles and different seasons fabrics mash has more ingenious fashion sense.

different fabrics style fashion mash.webp

5 Tannic style

Throughout the T station, though the popular tannins cowboy has more richer sense of design, it is not only synonymous with casual and comfort, with striped shirt, it can be cool neutral, romantic France…, visual impact is strong, seductive and good wear.

tannic style fashion mash.webp