What not to wear to a wedding

Summer. beach time, a barbecue and costume parties and .. time of invitations to weddings. And what is the main problem of every woman? Obviously, what to wear. You have probably already chosen to wear different look or maybe you have not the faintest idea of ​​what to put. In any case, we want to give you some suggestions on what to avoid absolutely if you are invited to a wedding:

1. A white dress

The bride is dressed in white, usually, so you can not put it, sorry. Wear light-colored clothing instead of colored powder or dark but warm, the color of the earth, but let the white lace dress for another occasion.(semi formal dresses)

2. High Heels

We know, it is the only way to feel higher and making sure that the dress is even better on him. But remember: you stay up all night, going from one table to another to chat or dance the night away. Choose a pair of walking shoes. A heel you, but maybe not the needle.

Cosa non indossare ad un matrimonio

3. Anything too short or too “revealing”

If in front of the mirror you think that the dress will fall perfectly on her, always do the test to sit or climb stairs. Avoid too short or too tight clothes that do not allow you to move or to stay too comfortable seats and, furthermore, they take you to be singled out and fixed for the entire evening.

4. Anything outside of the dress code

Although in the closet that you have skimpy cocktail dress you dying to wear, always consider the dress code of the evening. The dress more suited maybe could be that long or trousers.

5. Jewelry as decorations

Use short, simple and elegant jewelry. You do not need adornarvi as mannequins to look more beautiful.(http://www.dressesmallau.co/strapless-formal-dresses-c107/)

An advice? Wear pants. They are simple, they are good for any type of dress code, they are comfortable, you can wear them with heels no trope ups and you can match them to any kind of jewel. Better than that!

8 styles of weddings alternative for your wedding!

Have you already thought about what style to inspire your wedding reception? Here are 8 alternative styles not to be missed!


The proposal was made there, now we have to organize every detail of your wedding. Have you already thought about what style to adopt for the wedding reception? If tradition and classical schemes there are too tight, what do you want to celebrate the happiest day of life with a style completely out of the ordinary, a way to impress friends and relatives and to bring out your personality?

Here are eight styles for weddings(bridesmaid dress) alternative from which to draw inspiration!

1. Boho chic


If yours is a spirit among the bohemians and hippies, then the wedding style boho chic is definitely perfect for you! For best results, first of all, must you are planning a summer wedding outdoors, even in the countryside surrounded by greenery. To characterize the whole there will be some essential elements such as flowers, and many of each variety, lounge areas with rugs and cushions, objects in retro style like old suitcases and small silver trays as a table centerpiece. In addition, the bride must be strictly barefoot!

2. Vintage


Among the styles for weddings alternative, the vintage is more fashionable in recent times. For the preparations will benaccetti retro items, antiques, preferred colors white or natural wood. In addition, for the buffet glass bells for sweets and a box for birds such as candle holders, what do you say?

3. Industrial

To impress all your guests how about choosing the theme of your wedding style industrial? To succeed will need to find a location that fits the occasion, so what better place than an old factory. To decorate, many bulbs and bright letters giants!

4. Eco-friendly

To continue to be friends of the planet and respect even in the wedding day, an eco-friendly wedding is just what we need! Definately will be the predominant theme color is green for all the assemblies for the details of the couple gown. In addition, objects made from recycled materials will be perfect to create the right setting. For equity wedding might instead opt for the electronic format, cheaper but also more environmentally friendly!

5. Zen

If you are fascinated from the east and from all its traditions, why not organize a fantastic wedding zen, where the main elements will be sand, stones of all sizes and water. To top it all a feast of sushi could be ideal!

6. Picnic

Among the styles for alternative wedding picnic it is undoubtedly one of the most original and fun. Outdoor setting, in the countryside or by the sea, where the seats are comfortable and colorful cushions and carpets where the guests are free to relax. A cute idea would be to find your friends a small kit with sunglasses, fans and hats for the day.

7. Disney Princesses

For brides romantic dreamers and instead will be the perfect fairytale wedding(formal dress)! Inspired by the Disney classics you plan every detail of your wedding depending on your favorite fairy tale, Cinderella style gown in the carriage to transport the bride and groom!

8. Pop art

Finally, among the styles for weddings very original alternative could be married in pop art theme. As? Using strong colors and bright for the preparations of the reception, but also for the wedding invitations. In addition, the tableau de mariage style Andy Warhol and wedding cake with polka dots!

10 commandments for organizing a wedding: what you have never explained

You can marry in a civil ceremony or church, hire a wedding planner to help you with all the preparations or opt for a wedding ‘low cost’, but inevitably there are things that should ‘bring your firm’. So get to work!

Wedding Dresses Australia

Internet is an endless source of information and resources, and therefore, how many girlfriends have not come to ‘San Google’ for ideas and tips on where to start preparing a wedding?

All we remember the famous calendars in which advise us which tasks, procedures or activities is convieniente perform the absence of ‘ many months for the wedding . ” But nevertheless, there are other issues equally important and fundamental, that never appear in these lists.

Therefore, here we leave the 10 things you have never explained, but it will be essential for the organization of your wedding :

1. Do not leave home without guest list: for the ceremony to the banquet, for the organization of the tables, for budget planning … You’re going to need in all facets of the organization of your wedding.

2. NO leave everything in the hands of others: As much as you’ve hired real professionals who will avoid many headaches and disadvantages, must monitor each of your steps and give your opinion on everything. At the end of the day, it’s your big day.

3. Do not spend your day talking about the wedding: As the saying goes’ the little pleased and very angry . ”

4. Do not give up your ideas for more outlandish they may seem: What is at issue is to contribute your own personality to each aspect of your wedding and that feel absolutely yours.

5. Do not live aware of all the details: Being too obsessive can not enjoy the preparations.

6. Do not let anyone or anything ruin your big day: Malicious opinions, envy and comments add nothing should put them aside.

7. NO there is a ‘manual’ infallible: Mistakes, mishaps or problems are unpredictable and are part of the organization of any event. Take it as something natural and not let nerves appear.

8. Do not rush to ‘get to the finish’: We know you like to have everything ready as soon as possible, but sometimes it is better to go by setting short-term goals.

9. NEVER underestimate a ‘Plan B’: You never know where problems can arise and always have a backup plan you can avoid many worries.

10. Do not skimp on enjoying every minute: Every wedding is unique and you should enjoy every moment you devote to organize. In this way, surely the result is extraordinary!

Tips by Dressesmallau.com and Aiven.co.uk!

How to focus on the wedding organization?

Nowadays, everyone is busy all the day long. Those working outside the home then, forget it. Imagine to reconcile the hectic life with the wedding planning! If you suffer from this evil, do not worry. What will you need to do is to get organized.

Every organization needs you to take the time to take care of the wedding preparations. This time can not be shared with other chores. You have to focus in the organization. This is extremely important so that everything goes well according to plan.

For example, to search for the right suppliers, you need to evaluate one by one, go after that which most pleased you, make appointments, check with your Virtual Ceremonialist the progress of the planning, among other things. For this work to be done with quality and you do not pass any important details, you need a time devoted to it only.

There are many distractions that we find on the Internet, on television, or in any site survey. So, for you do not fall into this, try to put in planning this time will be devoted exclusively to your wedding. If you can set aside a little each day, or a quota per week, to be sure everything will turn out as you dreamed. keep in mind that planning the wedding is a unique and very special moment.

The tips to help you in wedding organization is always essential. Here in the blog you will find a lot. And also has a whole e-book dedicated to you who is organizing the wedding of dreams. Download your free here.

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Hairstyles for short hair brides

If you are adept hair short one and is in doubt as to which hairstyle to choose for the Big Day, do not worry. Today, there are numerous possibilities for stylish women who like to keep one enjoying. Short hair accessories asks, whether smooth , curly or african , everyone is perfect with any type of accessory. You can invest in tiaras , flowers, hat, headdress, headbands, the options are numerous.

Pins and barrettes are other options that can be exploited, because they give a modern air to look. If your style is a more vintage look, brooches and belt loops are ideal. These accessories are ideal for noivinhas going to marry during the day.

short-hairstyle-for-bridesYou can also invest in a combined hairstyle with the accessory. Lower cokes and thinner braids are beautiful and charming. Braids combine with very romantic bridal look, and cokes with the more traditional brides. Ideally, the accessory in the hair matches your dress. If you have chosen a wedding dress with embroidery, rhinestones and details, search for a more basic and simple accessory.

Do you want to cut your hair?

7 things to avoid in wedding planning

So many information you receive about marriage, that anxiety just taking planning account. The ideal is to not let this happen to you for any wedding organization goes as you always dreamed of. To help you not make some mistakes in the organization we list 7 things to avoid during the wedding planning . Come see!


Photo by Aiven simple sweetheart ball gown dress

Choosing the wedding venue before finishing the guest list

for some brides is very difficult to finalize the guest list, there is one person you did not see the time and was close or a new boyfriend of her friend. You do not need to leave fully prepared list before choosing the wedding venue, but the average number of guests to choose the place you need. Have you considered getting tight and uncomfortable for your guests?

Choosing the bridesmaids and groomsmen in a hurry

The choice of godparents must be done with great care, thinking of people who are part of the history of the couple and are important to you. But also be sure to make that choice too late. For the perfect time to invite special people for marriage, count on the Virtual Ceremonial .pink-long-Bridesmaid-DressesMake clear not the policy of extra guests

extra guests Policy is when the invitation is extended to more than one person, as in the case of a family or a couple. So it is important to see all the guests, especially those who are single, if someone is dating or someone will take. It is always assumed that the guest who will alone, take some companion.
To make it clear to the guests the number of followers who may take, send by the wedding invitation, the traditional individual invitation.

Do not send the Save the Date

The Save the Date is almost mandatory to send these days so that your guests are programmed to be part of this special day. Of course, if you are on a tight budget, do not need to send a printed newsletter invitation to all guests. Some ideas for this is to put the main photo wedding site or to create a video, even homemade, on Save the Date. And then just send the wedding website address for your guests over the Internet. The Ceremonial Virtual  help you with this part and also shows you which is the best month to send Save the Date.:-)

Invite people to tea bar that were not invited to the wedding

may seem unprecedented, but it is very common for couples to invite people who were not invited to the wedding to the bar tea or bridal shower. As tea is a minor event, you do not need to call all the wedding guests for tea. But be careful if all the shower guests are in the wedding list.

Not read contracts with suppliers

All you talked to the supplier must be in the contract. The contract will be the guide and the governing document of the combinations and the provision of the service provider during the planning and wedding day. Stay attentive to all the details that are in the contract and to read between the lines.

Forget last minute expenses

is completely normal arise last minute expenses. Wondering what are last minute expenses? Some costs may be hiring power generator and even cleaning staff hiring. To help you remember these expenses and organize your wedding, plan Great Day in Virtual Ceremonial and receive full wedding planning.

With these 7 tips, I’m sure you are ready to explore your Ceremonialist Virtual and organize the wedding of your dreams! Start here and now.

Wedding gown not a must for wedding

Who said we must wear a wedding dress on the wedding day? Since white is a symbol of inner purity and innocence as a child, of course, there is no need do not stick to the style of the wedding gown. In fact, many stars also give such answers, pick a favorite little white dress from the closet to be married as well! Moreover, it meets with the hot wedding trend, perhaps a funky little white dress will be your wedding dress too.Olivia - Palermo wedding pictureOlivia – Palermo

New York socialite Olivia Palermo’s wedding dress bright spots! She was wearing Carolina Herrera designed suit, full of momentum. The “nostalgia fashion” wedding dress made up of three pieces, composed by not only unexpected ostrich feathers beige cashmere sweater, getting married in white shorts is more eye-catching, chic and impressive.Kayla---Knightley-marriedKayla – Knightley

When Kayla got married, she just wore a Chanel coat with a piece strapless puffy skirt, cool to step into the marriage hall, even the shoes just a flat pair too, the comfortable and casual wedding style really impressed a lot of people.

Nancy - Severstal simple wedding gownAmerica’s wealthiest ladies, married the before soul of the Beatles – Paul McCartney Platini, although the couple owns billions of property, while the wedding was very frugal, the bridal dress was designed by the daughter of McCartney Platini, Stella McCartney Platini. Is it hard to imagine such a wealthy lady get married in such a simple wedding gown?Bianca - Jagger weddingBianca – Jagger

She is the lead singer of the Rolling Stones Mick – Jagger’s first wife, also a fashion icon, her wedding dress is definitely bold and sexy. She wore YSL white suit, white dress and white sandals, white veil hanging down from the hat, looming “cover” her unique facial features. Such a bridal dress is unprecedented.

A bride’s questions on wedding guests dresses

wedding-guest-dress-tipsCouples have different requirements on bridesmaid dresses and wedding guests dresses. No matter what type is your wedding, romantic or traditional, the couple would like their wedding be perfect, so how the problems on dresses for wedding should be solved? You can find a way from below asks and answers.

Q: I want the bridesmaids dress in various blue dresses, how to ensure that they will not select same blue tone dresses?

A: You need to give a little guidance for your girls. You can get a few blue paint color cards from the store, and then select some of your favorite blue colors for your bridesmaids. Then give each one of them a card, ask them to bring the color card to buy the dress, so there will be no problems. Just assign each girl a color, or let them choose from the color chart their favorite color. All in all, communication is the key.

Q: I have seen a few wedding photos, all the guests participated in that wedding were all in white dresses, it looked particularly beautiful. How to get all of my guests wear the same color clothes to attend my wedding?

A: You may know that wearing the same color dresses to attend the wedding is not a general requirements. So it is better that you do not convey this request in a formal wedding invitation, you can invite people personally convey the news, such as the best man bridesmaids, or write a special e-mail to your guests. Some guests may not like the color of the uniform dress, so, be sure to pay attention to your word, such as, “If you do not mind, please wear a certain color clothes, indulge us again!”

Q: Is there any rules to buy mother dress? My mom and my fiance’s mother need to be in uniform dress?

A: Usually, the bride’s mother pick her dress firstly, and then notify the groom’s mother for the appropriate clothes. Or you can simply let them choose their own dresses. Of course you can also set up some “guidelines” for them, such as how formal the dress must be, colors, and styles you do not want them to wear etc.

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30% married women break up with the bridesmaids

According to the investigation of British “Daily Mail”, due to a woman’s jealousy and financial issues, 30% married women broke up with their bridesmaids after the wedding.brides and bridesmaidsOver half of the brides had ever conflicted with bridesmaids

In the 1939 British married women respondents, 73% of them admitted they had big or small friction with the bridesmaids in the wedding; 61% of them confess the friction are very trivial little things, and was solved very soon; however, 32% people admitted the  conflict led to rupture of the relationship between them after the wedding.

The main reason of the contradictory

The respondents mentioned that the main reason for the conflict is the difference in comments on the dress, hair and other stylings, some bridesmaids liked to intervene and unauthorized command the wedding.

bride and bridesmaid friendship

Resource by www.aiven.co.uk!

30% of married women said they broke up with the bridesmaids

A recent survey among UK married women says that 32% of married women believe that they will not longer be a friend of their bridesmaids. The United Kingdom Lancashire bride Kelly Lloyd ever appeared at headlines due to such conflict. She was photographed fighting with the bridesmaid at the hen party. The bridesmaid spoke angrily in an interview: “I am so kind to them, while she treat me like that, I don’t even know why this happened, and I will never go to her wedding in May. ”

39% of women believe that the bridesmaids need a high familiarity

39 percent women said there is at least on family member in bridesmaids, such as sister, cousin, niece or aunt; as those friends without sisterhood, they must know them for an average of five and a half years.

72% of married women said they are willing to repair the broken friendship

About 28% of the women said the friendship between them can not be repaired; but there are also 72 percent of respondents said they are willing to make up for this broken friendship, but unless the other party take the first step to reconciliation.

6 precautions for summer wedding party

What precautions outdoor summer wedding need?

More rain in summer, the first thing to consider is shelter problems. We propose selection of both indoor and outdoor venues. Couples do not pay attention to the traditional custom can choose to hold the wedding in the evening to avoid the sinister sun.

What kind of summer wedding venue should be chosen?

Grassy, ​​tree-lined outdoor garden or patio with large hotel ballroom, is a great choice for a wedding held in the summer. If the couple want to enjoy the summer charm, unique wedding, you can choose the beach, pool or water ice rink and other wedding venues.

What flowers fit with summer wedding?

Because summer temperature is high, flowers wither easily, so you should choose resistant flowers. For example, the vibrant roses, match representative eternal Lisianthus, enough to create a romantic summer wedding. Those type of flowers decay easily are not suitable for summer wedding, or the wedding is not over yet, flowers wither half.

What details can add luster to the summer wedding?

For example, ocean-theme wedding can use the starfish, shells, sand, blue silk and other props to decorate wedding. Another example is the fruit themed wedding, wedding cake can use apples, strawberries, kiwi fruit etc. Wedding welcome bags can choose fine fan, so the guests will feel hot.

What precautions does the groom attire need in summer wedding?

Summer outdoor wedding ceremony, especially when you choose a beach and other outdoor scenes relatively free venues, the groom can dress casual pants with a shirt, tie loosely, or white vest and tie are look natural and generous. Of course, be sure to select a shirt made by crisp cotton satin fabric.

What need to pay attention for summer wedding filming?

Summer season need to pay more attention to adequate rest than other before shooting, not too low temperature during your sleep, hair design should base on the principle of simple and fresh. If you go to the beach, preferably at 17:00 or later, which is not too hot and nearly sunset, the warm to cool colors of the sky will be the best gradient background too.