Take a look at what the stars wore to the party

Every time before participating a party, we will pick at least a dozen dresses from the closet, hard to find the most satisfied one. With the party starts at the next minute, we have to choose a not too bad dress instead. In fact, as long as to choose the dress you like and fits you well to be at the party with confidence, everything is OK.David-Beckham-couple-attending-the-partyDavid Beckham and Victoria can be said to be the regulars of varied parties, what to wear to dinner has became a understanding and experienced thing for the couple. Beckham wearing a black coat with a black leather shoes, handsome and tough. His wife Victoria, choose long coat in the same color tone and black boots. The coat drape on shoulder make Victoria more feminine.Alexa-Chung-formal-dress-styleThe It Girl Alexa Chung, every styling of her to attend party is full of fresh feel. The nation palace style black jacket with a black wide pant, looks quite capable.

Amber-Le-BonAmber Le Bon wearing a blue skirt going with black lace blouse, the black coat makes her elegant and charming. The handbags and skirts echo each other, and the nude peep-toe high heels are the finshing touch.

The daughter of former French editor Julia-Restoin-Roitfeld, perhaps close to her mother’s taste, their style is very similar, but not so exaggerated. The overall look brings a sexy and mysterious sense.

Simple prom dresses PK the complex ones

Katharine-McPhee-white-simple-prom-gownKatharine McPhee’s white dress is simple buy not lack of detailed beauty, long chiffon sleeves with the stiffness of the skirt design, matching the black evening bag, the entire shape is very elegant; Anna Sophia Robb wearing a feathered dress present “Cinderella” at the Broadway opening event, fits well with the theme of the day.Olivia-Munn-simple-dressOlivia Munn wearing a white deep V dress to attend the activity, clever fusion of decorative pleated waist and skirt matches well, sexy without affectation; Dakote Fanning wearing a white layer chiffon dress, exquisite embroidery on transparent tulle, the sexy waistline looming.


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Stylish and practical Bridesmaid Dresses

Stylish and practical bridesmaid dresses advocate a simple design to become the best impression of modern bridesmaid dresses, pure white or candy-colored bridesmaid dresses are often used. Short dresses at 10 centimeters above the knee make bridesmaids lively and elegant. Well worth buying it.

Soft gentlewoman tone, so the bridesmaids become indispensable touch of beautiful scenery of the wedding. You can choose bridesmaid gowns in the same color, coordination in sweet tones can definitely bring an eye feast to the guests.


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Creamy sweet pink bridesmaid gowns, suitable for sweet wedding theme or birdal dress with the same sweet color tone, choose the right color and the harmony is very important.

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If the main color of wedding is gold silver or noble royal blue, may be you can also choose bridesmaid dresses have a sense of quality.

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Goddess Simple White Prom Gowns

In the eyes of men, his girlfriend is as Greek goddess in mythology, mystery and holiness, the simple white prom gowns are be of help.


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Greek goddess style prom gowns are generally more advisable for tall girls to wear, because the dresses usually in floor length and more emphasis on sheath curves, if you have a tall figure, generally more able to show the advantages of the dress.


White Prom Gown 2015

A sexy white prom dress like this, special notched neckline, straplss sheath upper body curves, if you are the one with such a good figure, you must not forget to choose this dress and show your perfect curves off!


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The sequins bodice just like the stars at the night, make the simple white dress outstanding and unique. If you are looking for a low key beauty, the dress is for you.


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What kind of bridesmaid dress is the most appropriate one on the wedding

What kind of bridesmaid dress is the most appropriate one? Bridesmaid expect as the a supporting role in the wedding, it has more works on the whole wedding, so bridesmaid dress is simple and elegant preferably based. So the bridesmaid dress is must be strong practicability costumes, of course, it is also has a fashion sense.
pink long bridesmaid dress

Pink strapless long bridesmaid dresses Australia

Slim flesh pink dress will show your body curve perfectly, shoulder strap design is adds stability of the dress. Dress flower design is adds a lot of color for the whole dress,it is full of emerge alive. The waist ribbon design is elongated leg line which make your legs look more slender.
strapless nude color short bridesmaid dress

Photo by: Nude color short strapless bridesmaid dress

Strapless dress is very stylish, nude color looks very low-key, with flounced design is to bring a little gorgeous sense. This dress is very easy to match which can be equipped with a variety of different styles, it is suitable for wedding bridesmaid.
green knee length bridesmaid dressGreen bridesmaid dress is very fresh style, dress is the use of glossy and full drape fabric, simple design is very nice. You can wear this dress to usually appointment party, it is suitable for spring and summer outdoor wedding.
turquoise fold bridesmaid dressGreen fabric looks great texture, with golden brown printing process adds a touch of gloss to this dress, it is even more gorgeous. Skirt design is also very special, from the chest down to the skirt tilt fold design is unique, it will wear more temperament yet dignified.
royal blue satin dress

Photo by: Dark blue satin bridesmaid dress

Navy blue satin dress, small rotator cuff design can be highlight the perfect collarbone, it looks more elegant and noble. Waist folding design is to enhance the good sense of the entire fashion dress and very friendly, it will wear very touching, but not play, low-key temperament is suitable for wedding bridesmaid.