6 precautions for summer wedding party

What precautions outdoor summer wedding need?

More rain in summer, the first thing to consider is shelter problems. We propose selection of both indoor and outdoor venues. Couples do not pay attention to the traditional custom can choose to hold the wedding in the evening to avoid the sinister sun.

What kind of summer wedding venue should be chosen?

Grassy, ​​tree-lined outdoor garden or patio with large hotel ballroom, is a great choice for a wedding held in the summer. If the couple want to enjoy the summer charm, unique wedding, you can choose the beach, pool or water ice rink and other wedding venues.

What flowers fit with summer wedding?

Because summer temperature is high, flowers wither easily, so you should choose resistant flowers. For example, the vibrant roses, match representative eternal Lisianthus, enough to create a romantic summer wedding. Those type of flowers decay easily are not suitable for summer wedding, or the wedding is not over yet, flowers wither half.

What details can add luster to the summer wedding?

For example, ocean-theme wedding can use the starfish, shells, sand, blue silk and other props to decorate wedding. Another example is the fruit themed wedding, wedding cake can use apples, strawberries, kiwi fruit etc. Wedding welcome bags can choose fine fan, so the guests will feel hot.

What precautions does the groom attire need in summer wedding?

Summer outdoor wedding ceremony, especially when you choose a beach and other outdoor scenes relatively free venues, the groom can dress casual pants with a shirt, tie loosely, or white vest and tie are look natural and generous. Of course, be sure to select a shirt made by crisp cotton satin fabric.

What need to pay attention for summer wedding filming?

Summer season need to pay more attention to adequate rest than other before shooting, not too low temperature during your sleep, hair design should base on the principle of simple and fresh. If you go to the beach, preferably at 17:00 or later, which is not too hot and nearly sunset, the warm to cool colors of the sky will be the best gradient background too.

Gorgeous Mermaid wedding dresses 2015

With the advent of new year, many prospective brides are brewing their best wedding dresses. At every  year of this time, it’s wonderful time to buy your affordable wedding dresses online. Today, let’s  see three gorgeous mermaid wedding dresses 2015.

1. Easingwold Strapless Beaded Mermaid Wedding Gown With A Pink Bow

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Mermaid wedding dresses 2015

2.  Needham Market Tulle Strapless Beading Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress

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Lace mermaid wedding dresses

3.  Newent Amazing Organza Strapless Applique Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress

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Lace wedding dresses 2015 UK online

If you want to have classic and  graceful mermaid wedding dresses, why not choose such mermaid wedding gowns for your best wedding time? In UK, you can find a cheap but high quality  mermaid style wedding gowns at aiven.co.uk.

In the end, wish all have pretty wedding dresses  and wonderful  weddingparty time

The 4 years old designer signed up to J.Crew

Due to imitate red-carpet styles with her mom, the 4 years adorable baby Mayhem, recently fancied by the American brand J.Crew and announced the signing of cooperation with the development of a new children’s series.mayhem-4-years-old-designerThe adorable baby Mayhem popular among social networks because used to make paper-cut dresses with her mom, cos big stars’ red-carpet styles, do you still remember? Whenever a flourishing red carpet show, she and her mother start busy and become a hot news besides the red carpet, and therefore own a large number of fans on social networks. Recently, the “red carpet diva” on the subject of the American brand J.Crew, and announced the signing of cooperation develop together with her for new children’s series, this collaboration series will be on sale next year in May, and the price is not more than 100 USD. Mayhem comes from Ohio. Only 4 years old, she made of paper dresses cos big stars on the red carpet styling on the network has attracted many fans. Mayhem has received attention from popular fashion circles, and even went to the New York Fashion Week.

4-year-old-mayhem Mayhem-Paper-Dress-Oscars-Lupita-Nyongo mayhem-oscars-designs mayhem-red-carpet-design 4-year-old-mayhem-cos-taylor-swift 4-year-old-mayhem--dress-designs


Stylish Prom Dresses for Girls Online Cheap


Dresses by Aiven.co.uk!

Many fashionistas attract attention of us because of the beautiful outfits she wear. Most people think that these outfits are expensive especially those remarkable dresses the stars wear on the red carpet. While this is not always the case. Many even say that a long black prom dress with plunging neckline would cost more than a small red prom gown. Today we will show you how you can buy cheap prom party dress that you can afford!sexy-backless-prom-gown-for-girls-UK The new collection Orange tone Chiffon Beaded Backless Evening Dress UK for example. Suitable for many different special occasions, like prom party or wedding events costs only GBP89.3. The bright orange color is young and energetic, beloved by girls. Please do search SKU: PPDA0081 on Aiven.co.uk!


For fans of short prom gowns, we recommend the high low ruffle dress, you will have the opportunity to put your beautiful legs in value if you choose this Yellow tone High low Sweetheart Sequins Short Evening Dress with a cost of only GBP98.83. With high-heeled shoes to match it, you are not far to sublimate your svelte silhouette.

Those to dress and not for your engagement shoot

engagement-photographyWith development of the times, engagement ceremony is getting more and more grander. You certainly want your photographer can record the beautiful moment. However, there are some details you need to pay attention to for the dress, now take a few minutes to learn about the “does” and “don’ts”.

1. Dress should be comfortable

A proffessional photographer suggests ladies to dress the style as your usual clothes. In her career, met a lot of female friends, wear short skirts and high heels for the engagement shoot. But learn from their facial expressions, it is not difficult to find, they are certainly not used to wear such clothing because they are not comfortable. Moreover, these suits made them not willing to move, but many amazing films are actually capturhen they move.

2. Coordinate the clothing color

Clothing color coordination can be a kind of cute style, suitable for the engagement theme. Do not always wear white T-shirt + jeans, which may be too routine. We also suggest that you couple better to wear the clothing from the same brand, so it looks coordinated.

3. Do not have obvious signs on the clothing
Engagement photo shoot is not to advertising, so that you should not wear those clothes of iconic logo. Engagement photos also bring a sense of warm and romantic, the photos will look very exaggerated with unbecoming logos.
4. Too tight or too loose clothes
Taking photos need to capture the curves of the body. Dress too loose clothes undoubtedly difficult to reflect the body curve, especially women, furthermore will make you looks bloated in the picture. While too tight clothes are more or less expose your figure’s shortcomings under the lens. So not too tight or loose clothes are the most appropriate choice!
Short Wedding Dresses is a good choice not only for destination wedding but also engagement shoot.

Top 4 Lovely Bridesmaid Dresses at Aiven.co.uk

Bridesmaid, an  important role for  the wedding, is also very attractive for her graceful wedding dress for bridesmaid. A loveyly  bridesmaid will leave good impressions on others. So, how to be an endearing bridesmaid? At aiven.co.uk, we introduce Top 4 lovely bridesmaid dresses  to add your index of loveliness.

No. 1 Strapless Pleats Short Pink Bridesmaid Gowns

In the ceremony, a pale pink bridesmaid bridesmaid dress can pass a signal of warmth and softness. In this case, it will match the white wedding theme well. Visually, lovely and graceful.

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Strapless pink bridesmaid dress


No.2  Short  Green Taffeta Cocktail Dresses

Green bridesmaid gowns have their unique advantates at the wedding, they can creat a atmosphere of nature. With this short green one shoulder bridesmaid dress,  you will look graceful and sweet.

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Green bridesmaid dresses

NO.3  Strapless Applique Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

I like chiffon dresses, the perfect performance of softness and lightness move me deeply. Plus the delicate appliques design. Isn’t it cute and elegant? If you love this elegant bridemaid dresses, it is not difficult to buy one at aiven.co.uk.

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black bridesmaid dress

No. 4  Sweetheart Bow Sash  Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

It’s no doubt that the sweetheart design is lovely enough, let alone the nice bow design, it’s  very adorable and gorgeous.

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Sweetheart bow sash purple bridesmaid dresse

As many bridesmaids are young girls, so the lovely images from the bridesmaids  will create a surprise for the weddings. If you are invited by your dear friends to attend  their wedding cermony. As a bridesmaid, please enjoy your new role  with the  our Top 4 bridesmaid dresses at Aiven.co.uk.











The discount evening dresses for women

Many of fashionistars attract our attention on us because of the beauty of their wear. Most people think that those outfits are expensive especially celebrities wear to the remarkable appearances on the red carpet. Many even say that a long black evening dress with plunging neckline would cost more than a small red evening dress. Today we will show you cheap evening dresses that you can wear on your ceremonies without cost too much.

discount evening dresses

Big discount evening dresses

Dressesmallau.com sells discount evening dresses that you can buy it without a problem.
An outfit that would rage on the red carpet, discount evening dress, red slinky evening dress with thin straps decorated with rhinestones chiffon, you can only need to cost 100-300$AU. I must say that if you are dressed in this stylish dress, you will turn heads to contemplate the backless dress that offers the view of passersby.

For short dress followers, you will have the opportunity to put your beautiful legs in value if you choose to discount short evening dress. With high-heeled shoes to match your outfit, you are not far to sublimate your svelte silhouette.

short evening dresses for petite girls

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Discount short evening dresses

Small fashionistars are not forgotten. On Dressesmallau.com, we are also provide a discount price for short evening dresses. If you are round, on our online shop it is possible to find a long evening dress discount fit for you which make you very happy. Despite your curves, if you want a mini dress to attract attention on you, the profeesional online shop can offer the best mini evening dresses if you like. Now that there are so many beautiful discount evening dresses wait for you, shop it now! It only you place an order and we will delivered you as soon as possible.

Bridesmaid dresses: dresses tips and inspire you

discount-Bridesmaid-Dresses-short-for-girlsMany international wedding dresses designers including bridesmaid dresses and each design is cute and stylish than the last! Want to see them?sexy-Bridesmaid-Dresses-UKIt is advisable to avoid very light colors such as beige, cream or ivory. Unless the case of a beach wedding, wedding themed “All white” or unless a specific request of the bride. It is recommended that you’d better avoid dresses for bridesmaids in black at a wedding to be held during the day. While black is a classic and very elegant color, day dress do not of any favor at all. Choose bridesmaids dresses in pastels or light colors for weddings during the day. Pastel pink, salmon or spearmint will be spectacular. Book gray wedding in winter and plays with vibrant colors in the warmer seasons.mint-green-Bridesmaid-Dresses-UKGreen Bridesmaid Dresses UK cheap!

As we recommend you choose light colors for weddings during the day, make use and abuse of the elegance of dark and strong in bridesmaids dresses for weddings as overnight colors. Blue, black, silver, burgundy, green and red are ideal for bridesmaid dresses overnight. You can also wear the color of the year in your dress, radiant color will look amazing on you!

sexy-backless-long-Bridesmaid-Dresses-UKUnder the rules of protocol, if the wedding takes place at day or evening bridesmaids must wear a cocktail dress (to the knees) or below the knee. However if the wedding takes place at night she can wear a long dress. It is a very formal way and advisable to opt for extra long gala dress in dark or strong colors.

For more useful tips, you can follow our official blog: http://aiven.co.uk/blog/