Goya 2015: The famous dresses on Red carpet

Once again Spanish cinema evening party dresses, this year if there is reason to celebrate, with a fuchsia carpet also want to pay tribute to the fashion of our country. So were the looks of the famous in the pink carpet at the Goya 2015!

Manuela Vella:

Manuela Vella goya 2015

Velvet actress was one of the first to step on the red carpet and has done so with a gold sequin look at, very typical of the great nights, the Italian designer Elisabetta Franchi. The perfect supplements have been lengthy shaped earrings teardrop especially attracted attention, especially the deep tan or dark skin tone for these months. You did not have happened a little bit with the UVA?

Marta Hazas:

Marta Hazas goya dress

The Velvet companion Manuela Valles has opted for a vanilla colored sequin prom dress with short sleeves and tail, Jorge Vazquez has combined with golden clutch with rhinestones and custom applications especially for her Lodi shoes.

Nieves Alvarez:

Nieves Alvarez black Formal Dresses

This time, Nieves Alvarez has opted for vestidazo couture collection autumn winter 2014- 2015 Stephane Rolland long sleeves and sheer mesh neckline and body style corset with satin lapels. The stunning skirt with tail known for its effect in degradation and natural feathers applications. While the bag (in satin and with a big bow) and shoes (with applications and rhinestone heel 12 cm) have been specially created for this formal dress distinctive and well-known by the Christian Loboutin. Lastly, the Spanish model completed her outfit on the red (or fuchsia) carpet at the Goya Awards 2015 with exclusive Bvlgari jewelry. Definitely a look within reach of very few!

Blanca Suarez:

The fashionable girl with the fashion color! And it is that Blanca Suarez has opted for a stunning dress in marsala colored with embroidery long sleeve body fully transparent and skirt with pockets bulging.

Clara Lago:

Clara Lago red formal gown on Goya 2015

The actress of “Eight Basque surnames” has also decided to bet on the color of fashion, marsala, with a minimalist design and vaporous column type Ulises Merida. And although her red formal gown does not displease me at all, I think that both collected as no makeup made ​​him no favor to his face and have taken a few (many) years above. A real pity!

Points to consider when purchase mermaid wedding gowns

Fishtail wedding dress, by definition, the lower body is fish shape, especially the waist, above the knee partially fishtail style. The wedding dress is in two species generally divided, is a rear knee wrap is another no final knee wrap. Fishtail wedding dress perfectly show the body of the bride, but the path is not easy, a little more practice to go, of course.

mermaid Wedding Dresses Australia

Fishtail wedding dress will give people reason great feeling, because it is a very unique design. Fishtail wedding dress is slim body to receive, is in a fine and romantic like a fairytale princess mermaid to collect, is full of fantasy bride favorites. Fishtail wedding gowns emphasizes elegant lines of the women, cutting in front, slim body of the brides, so slender waist and crotch leaning contrast.

This kind of wedding dress for the body of the bride, however, is relatively high. In general, fishtail wedding dress for a slim, body proportions, curves better bride, for better body proportions and curves of the bride is a good opportunity to the body to show. The bride is ready their perfect look to show, always think sexy is scarce, to fishtail wedding dress at this time give a lot of brides show their good side of the body.

cheap fishtail wedding dresses

With matching fishtail wedding dress, decorated as if the increase in solid position waist belt at the side, and immediately make the bride look great and adds a lot of character. You can also wear a crystal, diamonds and other parts of the neck, highlighting the noble Bride. Fishtail wedding dress to wear to ultimately wear high heels, high heels make the body tall and slender with a fishtail wedding can perfectly be described. It should be noted that, fishtail wedding dress with simplicity designed and, do not need too much decoration to mix.

Bridesmaid Dresses in Pastel shades

Ready to break the rules, turn around and leave everyone with an open mouth? Dress your bridesmaids and bridesmaids with a color that no one expected!

cheap purple Bridesmaid Dresses

How many times have you heard that a wedding is never going or white or black or anything like that? Well, it seems that this rule of protocol and etiquette is becoming, slowly into disuse. At least if the latest collections and trends. It is true that there will always be one who respects the traditions, but the truth is that colors like dusty pink, nude or even black and white and triumph among bridesmaids and ladies of honor. In view of the facts I refer!

backless Bridesmaid Dresses

And the latest collection of bridesmaid gowns 2016 from Dressesmallau it focuses almost exclusively on this section of the palette of colors with fabrics like chiffon, lace, chiffon or tulle. In addition, it also introduces the fashion color this year, the marsala and some other variety of raspberry or purple combined with subtle draping or jewel belts with applications in rhinestones. Are you still thinking that neutral colors blush and black are not suitable for weddings?

The sexy bridal gowns

cheap sexy Wedding Dresses

If you’ve already started looking dresses for next year, you may have noticed that “teach” skin is what you get. And the bare backs, plunging necklines, veiled or subtle effects transparencies sexy wedding dresses for a totally sensual yet sophisticated look. The designers have laid hands on their creativity and have opted for light fabrics like tulle, mesh illusion, or guipure lace to create an unbeatable optical effect making the costume look like coat on the body. Also, have been removed from the sleeve fabrics like crepe, very minimalist but fits like no to the silhouette, outlining curves and every corner of our body. Thus, the mermaid silhouette is one of the most used and favorite of bridal collections 2016.

Today, a few months after that start as spectacular scene with Irina Shayk protagonist finally to us girls Standing where we can enjoy watching, tasting and feeling those dresses on our skin. And the new signature collection has arrived in stores. You can see them moving and appreciate every single detail in Fashion Show.

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