Modern sexy Mermaid wedding dresses in 2016

Mermaid wedding dress comfortable, travel light and suitable for a variety of figure bride. it often has samll tail, and it also named fishtail wedding gowns.In the Church and step to the one you love happy feeling!
So-called small tail wedding dress, wedding dress is the trailing length of 60-80 cm. Perhaps in a bridal shop, it has no tail wedding dress that attract the eye, but when you are in the wedding party when the main characters, its effect is absolutely better than trailing wedding dress worse.
Small tail wedding dress scope: wedding venues are limited, not churches. Warm and delicate wedding style, do not pay attention to create a sense of luxury. Brides are not tall. No bridesmaids or flower girls to help organize a wedding dress.

Strapless Ruched Ruffle Court Train Mermaid Wedding Dress

wedding dresses Persun

 Small tail wedding dress alternative benefits:

1. Trail, small wedding perfect with complex long veil. If wedding trail is relatively large, were not fit to wear a long veil, is also not suitable for the kind of multilayered fluffy yarn, so that it’s too complicated. And small tail wedding dress is more light, complex and long veil on her head is no problem. You know, worn on the head veil but can influence key to a bride’s makeup, hair style.

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2. Small tail wedding dress just right in length elongated bride fit perfectly. It was like 7 cm stiletto heels, which turned little bride is tall and beautiful; and large tail wedding dress serves as platform shoes, will only make people more that bride’s lack of height.

Amazing Organza Strapless Applique Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress

3. Do not need anyone’s help at any time finishing the skirt. Just the bride to walk 2 steps, the skirt would naturally be pulled flat beautiful.

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Wedding Dresses 2016 Dream Tattoo by Franco Donut

If you are looking for a wedding dress as romantic as whimsical and unconventional, the Dream Tattoo collection Franco Donut will definitely up your alley.


Franco plays Doughnut, for this collection of wedding dresses in 2016, the topic most dear to him: Dream, in a new key nothing short of magical. The Dream Tattoo is a capsule collection of garments that are dematerialized to give life to a symbolic body suit of light and transparency. A collection that combines the minimalism of shapes and cuts of refined sensuality citations, the overlay of tulle(formal dresses), organza, iridescent and authentic embroidered Chantilly lace juxtaposed to the whiteness of the marble Cady. The whole of this dream alchemy makes the woman a modern icon of ethereal sensuality and purity, with great elegance and wealth.


Always all clothing collections Franco Donut, since 1994, are cut individually by experts on measures of each customer and sewn with love and passion Made in Italy.









For the wedding: wedding dresses Pronovias, the collection TO 2016-2017


The wedding day is even more special with the beautiful Pronovias gowns for 2017, princely and romantics

Wedding dresses Pronovias AI 2016-2017

Pronovias is confirmed also for 2017 the top in clothes for the most important day of any girl: that of marriage. No transgression: the main color is obviously the white(white formal dresses), sometimes faded to gray to pink or powder, which enhances the delicacy of the precious materials used.


In our visit to preview the new collection, we noticed that one of the most common models is in the Empire style: narrow, long and then open up slightly from the ankles. A band that hugs the body to exalt all its forms. Do not miss the most fabulous clothes, with very wide skirt and tight bodice for a real princess effect, or those that really cater to the sweetness, recalling also the sober elegance of Grace Kelly with a bow at the waist and wide skirt ankle.


Wedding dresses Pronovias, details

To make the dresses of true works of art are the details, never left to chance. Real star in the Pronovias creations for 2017 is the back, always enriched by suggestive details as network embellished with glitter or floral embroidery, details in jewelery or even delicate buttons, common on trains. And it is the latter one of the key elements. The train becomes essential for the ceremony: lace(lace formal dresses), rich in precious embroideries. But when the party you can delete it, so you do not give up comfort.


Pronovias wedding dresses, fabrics

Fine materials, we said. Next to silks, delicate fabrics and tulle, undoubtedly it plays a role of honor is given to the lace, embroidered with floral or geometric elements, which gives lightness to the silhouette, sometimes made even more regal with jewel inserts on belts, straps or collars. The Collection Pronovias ATELIER, of course, will also feature the Cocktail Collection, for ceremonies and festivities. Not only white, the colors are more varied and touch on pastel shades and warm, like wisteria and orange. The crystal tulle, also present in the wedding dresses, adding a touch of glamor: small glitter on the skirt that give even more brightness to the wearer! The icing on the cake in the world Pronovias are the accessories: tiaras, headbands and even clutch damage to the wedding look, or party, that extra touch to make the wedding day even more memorable.










Wedding Dresses 2016: Romantic gardens fall collection Monique Lhuillier


Monique Lhuillier for the 2016 autumn presented a collection of wedding gowns inspired by the flower gardens that become a decorative element of the wedding look.

An imaginary garden where leaves, trellises, flowers take shape, and echo feathers, tulle, lace(lace formal dresses), fluid and structured shantung silks are transformed into floral elements fairytale.


Around the theme of the bridal collection autumn 2016 by Monique Lhuillier revolves around the tale, thanks to the volume that is given to the side skirts so princely bait out in all its splendor. As for what concerns the bodices are rigid and semi-rigid with a sweetheart neckline.


Of course, there as a mermaid wedding dresses and asymmetrical cut, and as long since it is customary to attend, short Wedding dresses, or with dual detachable skirt, suitable for day and for the evening, complemented by soft cover shoulders gifts fur, in the manner of real princesses snow(Princess Formal Dresses). Ultra feminine dresses embellished beads and layers of tulle, make the whole thing a real ethereal dream.


The color palette which sees shine this garden in bloom provides romantic colors ivory, light gray, white milk, the sage. The wedding dresses Monique Lhuillier Fall 2016 collection captures the charm that exudes the elegance and sensuality that tailoring timeless yet modern.






















Long lines and big details, the bride is with … “surprise effect”



Here are some ideas for the woman who wants to impress … showing his back!

Like a sculpture

For the wedding day everything is permitted. And the main thought of the brides is to wind the post, while on the arm of his father walks down the aisle. Meters and meters of train, exaggerated details like flakes from extra size and oversize flowers, games displayed in fabric and drapery (made mostly with silk Mikado) that seem to create petals and waves that move with elegance: this is only some of the trends for those who love the element of surprise.


structured dresses(formal dresses online) and decided silhouette, with tails tiered peplum and very characteristic; models with flared skirts pleated or rigid, often with a train in tulle to complete the form.

A real coup de theater to exit outside the box and surprise everyone with a dress-sculpture!

Naked back


The back is the white robe protagonist, with daring necklines and intriguing. And then, bare back, yes, but without forgetting the style. A plunging neckline, V, veiled or completely uncovered from any tissue, will depend on personal taste: the collections embrace the desires of all women.


Lace is the true protagonist of 2016 and is located on the clothes declined in games of fabrics that hint at his back, focusing on the effect of a tattoo seemingly bare skin but actually covered by a thin layer of icing. No shortage of pearls, precious details that give light and make the elegant and refined white dress.


Focusing on the back is an option that enhances the feminine sensuality and even more dashing figure. Bold and confident, the wife of 2016 loves to be the center of attention and is not afraid to show his strengths.

Chic details


A precious and delicate dress, but at the same time very modern; a wedding dress(cheap formal dresses) from the intriguing and daring style, but that does not give up romantic touches and chic details. The bride of 2016 aims sull’abito romantic allure, which comes in denominations who want her back wrapped in embroidered lace and shapes that highlight narrow straps and bare back, focusing on the details.


Go ahead, then, with maxi bows in contrasting hues, such as gray and pastel shades; precious stones that give the dress a great luminosity; and long, long queues in fine lace that spread once on the ground. Rich fabrics blend with sweet and soft lines, finding space in a perfect outfit for those looking in bridal dress a mix of elegance and princely style. A timeless classic for those who want to be the protagonist of a dream called marriage.




Barcelona Bridal Week 2016






Collection 2016 wedding dresses Fiò Couture


The collection 2016 wedding dresses Fiò Couture is one of the most fashionable and original among those submitted for the new year. The fashion house started from classical and traditional forms, but it arrived in a truly innovative results playing with contrasts and applications that make unique each model of the new proposal. Let’s find out what’s new in the 2016 Fiò Couture collection.

Fiò Couture, from the romantic wedding dresses


The Tulle wedding dresses are a true passion for fashion designers and modern women, romantic style creations and etiquette that win as few others. Fiò Couture wanted different models of this type, starting with the dresses with full skirts. As you can see by browsing the images from our photo gallery, it’s dream dresses(long formal dresses) with stiff bodice and strapless coated with applications of light dots and pleated skirt supported by a robust underskirt.


Very characteristic of the chromatic palette of Fiò Couture wedding dresses collection: the brand has indeed thought its flagship models in the most classic white milk, but mostly in shades of powder pink, lilac and in variants with clear base and multicolor decorations along the ‘entire surface.

Fiò Couture, the colored wedding dresses


The collections in 2016 are full of pink wedding dresses, a new trend in the bridal industry that continues to enjoy success in recent years. Fiò Couture wanted different models of this type in its proposal, dresses(formal dress online) with stiff bustier and skirt in silk from trawling in different lengths, versions with pleated skirt in tulle and organza and asymmetric variants with short full skirt in the front and longer in the rear.


Rosa also for the beautiful wedding gowns entirely covered with floral prints in soft tones, silk clouds with belts satin matched that emphasize the waist. Pink alternate lilac and turquoise, sorbet shades adapted to dresses mermaid with high tail around the thighs or lower, for sheath dresses with slits along the legs and towards more structured forms with several layers of decorative ruffles on the skirt. The most original creations of Fiò Couture collection remain the multicolored dresses with clear basic patterns and floral prints along the entire surface, or versions to replace pastel prints applications always floral theme.




















Bride 2016, the Miquel Suay Collection

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

A mixture of tradition and innovation, the collection of dresses by Miquel Suay bride for 2016.

long dresses(wedding dresses), combination of voluminous skirts and thick or princess cut models with beautiful decorations at the top, with drapes or refined lace and with a recurring use of transparent necklines and Mikado fabric.

Present on the catwalk even less conventional models, like short dresses to the knee and overlaid with lace, but also with brides shirt or two in one look.

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

Dresses Eddy K: New Collection 2016

Dresses Eddy K to dress the most romantic women. Be seduced by the new collection 2016 trendsetter.


Eddy K signature surprises with its collection of wedding dresses designed for true tale wedding. Dresses to feel like a real princess in one of the most important days of your life. The Milan fashion house has created several lines of clothes for the new season, a collection ranging from classic to modern designs. Fabrics and accessories care in every detail make each model is unique, a real gem for the bride. Discover, and above all, let yourself be conquered by a collection that surprises with its range of styles.

Princess style dresses and modern


In 2016 Eddy K Collection is a clear protagonist, princess style dresses, long, with layers of tulle, silk and chiffon, with embroidery and other precious details. The perfect combination for romantic brides are the bodies or straps sweetheart neckline and princess skirts, vaporous and perfect fall.


There are, of course, different designs, with the most original bodices, with V-shaped neck with embroidered sleeves or tattoo style. And among the designs also include dresses short Wedding, for those who want a chic and modern style.

Necklines for the bride


The necklines are one of the trends of 2016, especially in the back, leaving bare from the shoulders to the waist. Among the models in the new collection also includes many styles of frilly dresses, to give volume without exceeding, and mermaid designs, to highlight the figure of the bride. As a complement, the veil is a perfect detail that can not miss if you are looking for a traditional style.

Jewelry for the bride


One of the features of the collection of Eddy K 2016 is that each designs are adorned with details of jewelry and sophisticated applications, such as pearls, rhinestones, embroidery and lace. Designs dresses with embroidery on the bodice and skirt and long white skirts with ruffles. Pearls and rhinestones, white or silver, in contrast with the whiteness of fabrics. Not forgetting the jewels at the waist.

Not only white


White is the basic color of the collection of wedding dresses Eddy K, but we found other touches of colors in very soft, almost imperceptible tones. We talk tissue pale pink, or silver beaded bodices, very elegant and romantic, perfect for the bride who wants to feel like a real princess.

























Wedding dresses: Attach much attention to your chest

Today we speak of the chest, not always simple to manage topic, because it is the biggest symbol of femininity.
So if you have little breast, to create volume so that it appears most important with a holy water font for example collar, or a wide neck with pleats, pleats. You can also play on materials with a high worked with lace and beads.
There are also the silicone shells, they are a good way to give the shape and volume without bra. Tip: test! Wear them in your daily life to see how you feel and if it suits you.
The golden rule when there is a point of your body that you don’t like, it is look away. In this case there you can divert with a beautiful back neckline that will highlight your shoulders and head port.

Sheath Sweetheart Flower Chiffon Wedding Dress with Ruffle Back

Today we speak of the chest, not always simple to manage topic, because it is the biggest symbol of femininity.
So if you have little breast, to create volume so that it appears most important with a holy water font for example collar, or a wide neck with pleats, pleats. You can also play on materials with a high worked with lace and beads.
There are also the silicone shells, they are a good way to give the shape and volume without bra. Tip: test! Wear them in your daily life to see how you feel and if it suits you.

Satin Handmade Flower Lace A-Line Wedding Dress

The golden rule when there is a point of your body that you don’t like, it is look away. In this case there you can divert with a beautiful back neckline that will highlight your shoulders and head port.
Avoid round-neck, the BRA that flattens the chest, casting it or the form tube as it gives an effect Ironing Board…
If instead you have a rather luscious breast, cleavage V or square is for you.
Corsets dresses you will go very well, however be careful to have a fit because there’s nothing worse than a bride dating her dress all day.
And if you have a strong chest, I recommend the corset (made in the rules of the art of course!), he is the best friend of femininity and perfectly highlights the curves of the silhouette with an uneven maintenance!

Wedding dresses Carlo Pignatelli 2016: prices and models


The wedding dresses 2016 Carlo Pignatelli are the symbol of romance and elegance: as always, the fashion brand from Turin offers all women a series of dream dresses with which tie the lawful marriage, perfect to celebrate the better the most important day of their lives. If white, the color that is traditionally connected to their wives, it is not the only color that we find in the new Bridal Collection 2016 Carlo Pignatelli: how about a beautiful wedding dress deep blue?

abiti-da-sposa-2016-carlo-pignatelli (1)

Color aside, the 2016 Bridal Collection brand is characterized by clothing with white or ivory, embellished with embroidery and precious details, by expert transparencies and applications intriguing and glamorous. These are clothes that are often an expression of the best Italian tailoring, Haute Couture for solutions that will be noticeable in such a special day such as your wedding.







abiti-da-sposa-2016-carlo-pignatelli-bustier (1)