A bride’s questions on wedding guests dresses

wedding-guest-dress-tipsCouples have different requirements on bridesmaid dresses and wedding guests dresses. No matter what type is your wedding, romantic or traditional, the couple would like their wedding be perfect, so how the problems on dresses for wedding should be solved? You can find a way from below asks and answers.

Q: I want the bridesmaids dress in various blue dresses, how to ensure that they will not select same blue tone dresses?

A: You need to give a little guidance for your girls. You can get a few blue paint color cards from the store, and then select some of your favorite blue colors for your bridesmaids. Then give each one of them a card, ask them to bring the color card to buy the dress, so there will be no problems. Just assign each girl a color, or let them choose from the color chart their favorite color. All in all, communication is the key.

Q: I have seen a few wedding photos, all the guests participated in that wedding were all in white dresses, it looked particularly beautiful. How to get all of my guests wear the same color clothes to attend my wedding?

A: You may know that wearing the same color dresses to attend the wedding is not a general requirements. So it is better that you do not convey this request in a formal wedding invitation, you can invite people personally convey the news, such as the best man bridesmaids, or write a special e-mail to your guests. Some guests may not like the color of the uniform dress, so, be sure to pay attention to your word, such as, “If you do not mind, please wear a certain color clothes, indulge us again!”

Q: Is there any rules to buy mother dress? My mom and my fiance’s mother need to be in uniform dress?

A: Usually, the bride’s mother pick her dress firstly, and then notify the groom’s mother for the appropriate clothes. Or you can simply let them choose their own dresses. Of course you can also set up some “guidelines” for them, such as how formal the dress must be, colors, and styles you do not want them to wear etc.

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Top 5 Prom Dresses


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This is certainly to be selected, white formal dress is every girl’s dream, the cold color tone floor length dress is of fairy elegance, while a short white dress looks lovely.


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Purple is the distinguished representative, which is also a mysterious color, slightly melancholy. So many people choose purple dress, but the same dress in different people will bring different feelings.


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This color is popular among ladies, which can be divided into sky blue, or dark blue, in short, no matter what tone it is, it can make people feel romantic. Sky blue is so clean and pure. While royal blue is so noble.


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A romantic pink prom gown always a dream of a girl, the sweetheart beading neckline make the overall look stunning and unique. High low skirt give a chance to show off your beautiful legs.


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It should be the most classic color in formal dresses. Any skin tone is suitable for it, white skin tone will be more stunning in black, white yellow or deep skin tone will be of mysterious charm.

Romantic Lace Bridal Gowns

Sheath strapless wedding gown with a layer of hollow lace bring a sense of mystery, seductive and sexy. In medieval Europe the court, the lace is the most commonly used court dress fabric. The Western Europe still carry on this tradition. Brides are very fond of add some romantic lace embellishments on their holy white wedding gowns. Or at the high collar, cuffs, or even on the exaggerated skirt, which are able to make the dress even more refined and beautiful. Such a wedding dress can meet the bride’s princess dream of childhood, looks noble and elegant.princess kelly vintage lace wedding gownPerhaps you still remember the Princess Kelly’s valuable wedding dress, the sheath lace long-sleeved  white bridal gown, looked so elegant. Matched with exquisite hairstyle, giving a sense of dignified styling. Such a wedding gown with lace embellishment will reveal a more refined dress, revealing a trace of sexy bride.

cheap vintage lace wedding gown UK

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Lace is also a very sexy fabric, a best choice to match with silk wedding gown. Put on a translucent lace blouse dress on the wedding gown, embellished with exquisite and unique appliques, making hollow at the back, the whole wedding look more fashionable and stylish with these designs. Meanwhile, it can expose the unique elegance and romance of the bride.

Red prom gowns for party queen

cheap red-prom-dresses-UK-2015At the end of each year, no matter Christmas party or other gatherings,  there is a need for party dresses, however, most people will choose black or white gowns, actually, red is a good choice if you can match it well, wchich will make you a party queen. Red is an extremely eye-catching color, bad styles will look tacky, bad makeup looks ugly, but it is undeniable, red prom dress will make you outstanding if you can hold it well. Following cheap red prom gowns UK 2015 from Aiven will help you look unique at the party season.


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Tall and slender girl can choose this dress. Which looks elegant and modern, the bow on the shoulder make it a lively dress too. Costs only GBP£78.40


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What a sexy and chic look! Modern ladies cannot resist the high low and sweetheart dress.


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Had you been dreaming of being a mermaid when you were young? So that the mermaid red prom gown here to help the dream come true. Well worth to buy at 15% OFF now.

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The unique sexy evening dresses for women

Pixie Lott's big bow long evening dress
New evening dresses trends! If you want to make the most eye-catching unique yourself, it is definitely not unusual wedding dress. Dear who want sexy and glamorous must start from Breast! Wedding dress design is really king from chest. On the 1st BBC Music Awards, Pike Xi – Lott wear a white bow dress instantly blew the audience. The close-fitting with chest bow is become the latest wedding dress inspiration.
Pixie Lott's big bow evening dress top

Pixie Lott big bow dress

Even on the American Music Awards red carpet which is gathered so many beautiful women, the old goddess Jennifer Lopez is also favorably. The season’s most popular bundled designed dress, let the Jennifer – Lopez sexy surprise for “Heaven.” To choice Ice cream-colored color let the goddess sexy upgarde. Bundled chest dress design from the visual to reshape the curve, even a slight waist fat can also be the perfect cover. Want to show sexy figure brides who can refer to Lopez’s dress choice.
Jennifer Lopez's sexy bundled dress
Jennifer Lopez's sexy dress
Why not to show your slimmer waist perfectly, you will not need to happy in your big day, but also it need to release of your inner feelings, how to sexy and beautiful how to do it. Just like Pixie Lott’s big bow dress is as elegant and sexy, who says sexy can not be sweet bow coexistence, which is the latest eye-catching wedding dress style.
Taylor Swift's green long evening dress
Taylor Swift wear a long sexy fresh perspective evening dress at American Music Awards ceremony debut.
half transparent high neck strapless evening dress

Semi perspective silk dress with high collar strapless evening dress

Semi perspective silk dress with high collar strapless evening dress is sexy enough yet? It is not enough! Exposing your slim waist and back is crucial to show your sexy. Shuilv elegant wrap dress sexy design is attributed to the small piece of cloth chest, chic but not unexpected.
Tom Ford's white high slit evening dress
At American Foundation AIDS Research dinner, Rihanna wear Tom Ford’s white high spilit clock evening drss, the most eye-catching is nothing more than her half-perspective bra, it adds celebrities temperament from jewelry decoration.
Tom Ford's white sexy dress

Incomplete perspective sexy

In selection of wedding dress, too perspective is not every brides dare to try it on, in this evening dress with pink jewelry chest embellishment, it is luxurious but also to leave incomplete perspective sexy, so the chest design does not grab an eye.

30% married women break up with the bridesmaids

According to the investigation of British “Daily Mail”, due to a woman’s jealousy and financial issues, 30% married women broke up with their bridesmaids after the wedding.brides and bridesmaidsOver half of the brides had ever conflicted with bridesmaids

In the 1939 British married women respondents, 73% of them admitted they had big or small friction with the bridesmaids in the wedding; 61% of them confess the friction are very trivial little things, and was solved very soon; however, 32% people admitted the  conflict led to rupture of the relationship between them after the wedding.

The main reason of the contradictory

The respondents mentioned that the main reason for the conflict is the difference in comments on the dress, hair and other stylings, some bridesmaids liked to intervene and unauthorized command the wedding.

bride and bridesmaid friendship

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30% of married women said they broke up with the bridesmaids

A recent survey among UK married women says that 32% of married women believe that they will not longer be a friend of their bridesmaids. The United Kingdom Lancashire bride Kelly Lloyd ever appeared at headlines due to such conflict. She was photographed fighting with the bridesmaid at the hen party. The bridesmaid spoke angrily in an interview: “I am so kind to them, while she treat me like that, I don’t even know why this happened, and I will never go to her wedding in May. ”

39% of women believe that the bridesmaids need a high familiarity

39 percent women said there is at least on family member in bridesmaids, such as sister, cousin, niece or aunt; as those friends without sisterhood, they must know them for an average of five and a half years.

72% of married women said they are willing to repair the broken friendship

About 28% of the women said the friendship between them can not be repaired; but there are also 72 percent of respondents said they are willing to make up for this broken friendship, but unless the other party take the first step to reconciliation.

Essential products make you alive at the party

As new year is around the corner, which indicate a upcoming party season. For many girls, how to come up with the endless stream of dress, rather than using a portable fancy dress at the varied parties, company annual meetings, gathering with friends is an urgent matter. to  every weekend sure, become an increasingly urgent subject. Today I recommend 8 essential products, make it easy for you to hold the party season.

1. A forever vintage little black dress


A little black dress may be a bit basic, but it is always the most classic one. Keep the simple outlines or accompanied by exaggerated jewelry, a little black dress is the key for modern girls.

2. A flash, shiny, sparkling gadget


Give your dress extra Bling-Bling accessories is a party must, whether it is shiny jewelry, shoes or a handbag, shiny bright golden is always essential element for Party season.


3. A distinctive dress


Sometimes a dress likes live for you, very consistent with your temperament and figure, then you must take advantage of it. A distinctive dress is a secret weapon for you to feel wonderful at the night.

4. A pair of fancy shoes


Of course, a pair of classic high-heel is never wrong, but sometimes there is a need for exaggerated dress. A pair of shoes with peculiar design and personality is absolutely necessary. Even if there is not such a pair of high heels, a pair of flat shoes full of imagination can bring the same effect.


5. A classic black suit


A black suit can almost matches any outfits, can go with denim and can also dress with feminine skirts. If you need a bit more mental aura, then just put on a black suit, never obtrusive inappropriate, even in the luxury evening party.


6. Creative Jewelry


Whether thick necklace, or weird glasses, a unique and innovative jewelry will become a focal point of discussion.


7. Enviable handbag

feather handbag-for-party

If you need to carry all night with your phone, keys and wallet, then it’s better to make a little difference, a bold handbag not only can fully accomplish this task, but also make the overall dress flawless.


8. Killer heels


One pair of sharpened heel and pointed-toe high heels is really good-looking. Make sure your there is one pair of such shoes in your closet so as to standby for special needs.


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