Shinny formal dress help you become the party queen

For this spring season, a variety of lively festivals and dazzling party will be coming up, in this year, the shiny satin party dress has became a thorny most hot fashion items, whether it is on the red carpet or conference, it is not difficult to see the sight, it is the most appropriate to use this dress as party dress, today we will learn how to put on shiny star party dress.


A woman who wear red dress well, it must be a woman who full of styles. Brightest female stars, there is no one never to try on red dress. New Year’s party get together when warm and bright red is the best color for the occasion. Glossy + red, it is so glamorous and luxury!

If you think the bright red dress is too over, then try on the pants. Marisa Tomei’s thin silk red suit, although the three dimensional is weaker but sense of style drape well, the pants is more easy, more comfortable and casual. This shiny pants suit, the requirements of the gas field is very high.

Marisa Tomei's red pants suitPurple

Purple is a symbol of mystery, it is low-key, elegant , elusive who wore a purple dress, full of mysterious people, people can not help but want to find out. Glossy elements adds mysterious and gorgeous.

Giuliana Rancic all this shiny purple dress bright spot in bound neck design, appear very is plump.

Giuliana Rancic's purple halter party dress

Giuliana Rancic’s shinny halter long purple dress on the red carpet


Whatever the occasion, yellow is always like a little sun and then people can not be ignored. A shiny yellow dress is simply a light.

Model Camila Alves this yellow shiny dress give full play to the characteristics of the material, through the fold line build clothing modelling and curves of the body, color changes in natural light clothes by fold lines, it has been enough to attract attention, for accessories, what are can be saved.

Camila Alves's yellow high split party dress

Model Camila’s long high split yellow dress on the red carpet


From deep and shallow color changes, mild temperament and not lose the gas field is blue dress keywords.

South Korean actress Lee Chae-young this one bright blue dress is elegant and intellectual dress walking routes, like this simple design, the taste is reflected in the material and style. From all aspects, this skirt are considered standard, but, girl’s what your neck it?

Korean actress Lee Chae-young long blue evening dress

South Korean actress Lee Chae-young shinny long blue dress on the red carpet


Green is the vibrant colors, people is always tend to unconsciously looking green stuff. Selected for green, pure absorption index absolutely hundred.

Jane Krakowski’s this Bulgari dress, the color is emerald green, it is very ride for her complexion and hair color, line style with bright matte surface material, so that the skirt is very rich. Brightly without unduly exaggerated, relatively low-key but never ordinary.

Jane Krakowski's green ankle length evening dress

 Jane Krakowski’s Bulgari strapless green dress on the red carpet


How to choose the best bridesmaid gown to satisfy brides and the maids

In fact, the selection of bridesmaid dresses is a very delicate moment, we must pay attention to the principle of selecting bridesmaid dress, so as to make the selection satisfied, take a look at how to choose bridesmaid dresses.knee-length-Bridesmaid-Dresses-UKPrinciple 1: Knee length bridesmaid dresses is the best

A fitted size is as important as a knee length bridesmaid gown which can avoid secondary mend. Of course, they may also require minor modifications to other parts, but at least you do not have to wear high heels to avoid tripping over a long skirt, best choice for bridesmaids in different height.long-bridesmaid-gowns-UK-2015Principle 2: Comfort can not be ignored

During selection of bridesmaid gown, extra mind can greatly enhance the comfort of wearing a bridesmaid. For example, girls without busty chest is not suitable to wear strapless dress, which will be a bit embarrassed to them.

The fabric is another crucial point too, chiffon is the most popular fabric among bridesmaids with great sense of comfort.

Principle 3: Select a bridesmaid dress without needed alterations

Customize bridesmaid dress is basically the same with other formal dresses, in general they will leave out some margin in the amount of size, so when finally the dress finished, it is often not the most appropriate size, on this basis, if you wish to make changes, then, there is an additional cost. The dress will be costly at for Bridesmaid DressesPrinciple 4: Save money for bridesmaids with reasonable price

In the bridesmaids who complained, things they concern most is the price too high, although you have been very close to try to pick affordable dress, but if coupled with transportation expenses, gifts, bachelor party, makeup , hair, etc. It will be a large expenses for bridesmaids, not to mention bridesmaids come from other cities.

Latest Sweetheart Wedding Gowns 2015

As a mainstream of wedding style, there are many different styles of the strapless wedding dresses. Such as lovely tulle dress, elegant long train dress and so fourth, today we bring some floor length sweetheart bridal gowns for the latest fashion.backless-Wedding-Dresses-UK-2015If you choose sexy backless wedding gowns for the wedding, in order to make a more attractive breast shape, then it is better to wear a latex bra inside. Do not wear a thick bra to expose the edge, which will affect the overall look. If you worry about slipping incident at the wedding, then stick some double sided tape at both sides of the chest near the edge of the clothes.

A Line Wedding Dresses 2015

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Affordable Wedding Dresses UK 2015

Elegant Organza Applique Flowers Sweetheart Wedding Dress

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Affordable sweetheart wedding gowns UK

Elegant Lace Embroidery Sweetheart Trumpet Court Train Wedding Dress

When a party is around the corner

Are you a fashion insider? Do you wish to be the focus when you put on the gown for prom? I think lots of girls like me will meet such a dilemma : when we are trying to find a prom dress online, we can see all beautiful and luxury gowns designed by different talented designers from all over the world. Fantastic, gorgeous and any other adjectives that can be used to describe all the goodies, but unfortunately, out of our budget. So we turn to those shops and boutiques near the block, only to find out that what they offer are normal and not as fancy as what we expected, which cannot satisfy our desire of being outstanding in the crowd. Therefore, how to choose a suitable prom gown which makes you glow has become the topic of today’s article.I know that becoming the aim in the prom party is what every girl admires, every feast in your life can not be separated from your favorite fashion clothes. Read the following tips to make every prom party become a fashion show and a stage for you!


Cheap Prom Dresses UK 2015

5 elements to keep in mind when looking for an prom gown

Brand names, price, colors, materials, and dress styles.

Women love shopping, and also sharing. If you come across a brand name that you don’t know. Just search the brand name with “reviews” on Google to find out whether it is a popular brand. You might be curious to find out there are some real customers uploading their own pictures of themselves wearing the gown. And it might be really useful for you to determine whether certain color, material and dress style go the best with your skin and shape; and the most of all, whether the price provided on the site is really good bargain one or just some scam sites’ promotional way.

Sometimes ladies get confused and spend a long time to consider what kind of gowns suits them the best even though they follow the 5 elements. In that case, remember that whatever dress you want to choose, you should make sure that it fits your body shape perfectly. When you choose a satisfied dress but you still have no confidence with it, you should think about whether it fits your own style and figure or not. If it does, this dress is a bridge that makes you become a super star tonight in the party.

Prom gown, should I wear it long or short?

Besides the good looking of a dress, the length is another vital point. An prom dress can have different influences with different length. A short prom dress can show your fabulous legs, and the longer dress is much more elegant such as a gown. And it is better to wear a shorter one in a daytime party while a longer one is suitable for the night party as it is much more classical.


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Specific dresses styles to recommend?

Beautiful prom dresses are women’s party outfit. To show your figure and beauty, a good choice for ladies is that the dresses with tight graceful folds on the waist. And the transparent dresses are also popular because they look like water on your body and make you delight. And you can also choose mercerized cotton dresses with spaghetti-straps and dot patterns, as they are suitable for outdoor wearing.

Ways to improve your prom gowns esthetics?

Furthermore, stay tuned of latest fashion trends released on the official blog of Aiven you are about to find out all interesting information and editors top picks of good bargain from the Internet. Whether is graceful minimalism design or mysterious Gothic style, after you discover all different styles of prom gowns, you will know what trend suit you the best. Never end up the journey of discovering gorgeous prom gowns, don’t you?

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Top 5 popular mix match in 2015

printing mash fashion dresses.webp

1 Printing mash

It seems that blouse was the ancient times for woman to wear and now seems to be the universal habit, all the designers are also fighting now, personalized printing even more sensitive and passionate interpretation, printing VS printing mash look is also very popular, Navy-style stack wear blowing from your body, such as fry.

print mash fashion mash.webp

2 Long dress with short jacket mash

High waist is a golden point to highlight your figure, elegant pleated satin mopping the floor, handsome white shirt is simple in the end, it is like the elegance and joy never contradictory.

long dress with short jacket mash.webp

 Long dress with short jacket mash

3 Crop top

Vintage crop top abandoned deliberately modified on fashion waist, it is only to restore the beauty of your own, this natural elegance is more sexy on the backless chest and back, with a silhouette coat, stylish and warm.

crop top style fashion mash.webp

4 Material collision

Who says winter will wrap up her severely? The summer flowing chiffon skirt mix warm winter sweater, one long one short, one heavy one light, different styles and different seasons fabrics mash has more ingenious fashion sense.

different fabrics style fashion mash.webp

5 Tannic style

Throughout the T station, though the popular tannins cowboy has more richer sense of design, it is not only synonymous with casual and comfort, with striped shirt, it can be cool neutral, romantic France…, visual impact is strong, seductive and good wear.

tannic style fashion mash.webp

The 14 Oscars Dresses Impress more


The Golden Globes and the Met Gala always have exquisite fashion moments, but the biggest red carpet event of the year is the Oscars. It is the finale of awards season, so it is the event that celebrities save their very best dresses for and really prove their style credentials. It’s no wonder that the Oscars has given us so many memorable fashion moments. Who could forget Julia Roberts‘ black and white vintage Valentino gown, or Michelle Williams marigold dress? You know exactly the ones I’m talking about, even without any photos.

Here are 14 Oscars dresses that we are still obsessed with:

1. Michelle Williams, 2006Michelle Williams red carpet dressMichelle Williams has become known for her fashion risks, but this marigold Vera Wang shocked everyone. We knew she had great taste, but this took it to another level. The vibrant red lipstick and that loose bun were the perfect beauty look for this outfit.

2. Marion Cotillard, 2008Marion Cotillard  80th Annual Academy AwardsNo one really knew who Marion Cotillard was when she attended the Oscars, but she made quite an impression in a white fish scale Jean Paul Gaultier gown. That dress alone guaranteed that everyone would remember her for all the right reasons. It didn’t matter whether she won an award or not.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow, 1999Gwyneth Paltrow pink prom gownGwyneth Paltrow‘s soft pink Ralph Lauren inspired so many prom and wedding looks. The dress was the perfect color pink. It wasn’t too Barbie or too white. The look was simple, but it had a timeless appeal and elegance that was pure Grace Kelly.

4. Halle Berry, 2002Halle Berry floral dressHalle Berry knew she was creating an iconic red carpet moment when she chose this Elie Saab dress. Most celebs tend not to show a lot of skin at the Oscars, but Halle figured out a way to do it that was appropriate for the occasion.

5. Hilary Swank, 2005Hilary Swank red carpet dressIf a celebrity wants to create a lasting impression, they need to wear a dress that looks good from all angles. Hilary Swank’s navy Guy Laroche gown fulfilled that requirement. It looked like a minimalist long-sleeved gown from the front, then when she turned around it had a very sexy low back.

6. Cate Blanchett, 2014Cate-Blanchett-Oscars-2014When Cate Blanchett showed up on the red carpet in this embellished Armani Privé gown, she looked like someone who was about to take home an award. If you are an Oscar nominee, this is the type of dress (and jewelry) you want to wear.

7. Kate Winslet, 2002

Kate Winslet red prom gown

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Sometimes all it takes is one detail to captivate us. Kate Winslet‘s scarlet Ben de Lisi dress had that asymmetrical floral detail that was better than any sparkly accessory. We also can’t forget about how this dress’ fit was flawless.

8. Penelope Cruz, 2007Penelope Cruz red carpet dress

Nude dresses are very tricky to pull off. Penelope Cruz proved that it was possible to wear one without it looking like some weird naked look.This Atelier Versace dress was the real life couture version of a princess gown.

9. Charlize Theron, 2004
Charlize Theron at the Kodak Theatre in HollywoodCharlize Theron is always on best-dressed lists and based on this look, you can see why. The fit on this Gucci gown was perfect, and she managed to make it look so effortless with the minimal accessories and beach-y hair.

10. Gwyneth Paltrow, 2012

Yes, Gwyneth Paltrow gets two spots on the list. She deserves them. Everyone still obsesses over Lupita Nyong’o‘s red cape dress that she wore to the Golden Globes, but Gwyneth did it first in this brilliant white Tom Ford gown. She looked so modern and statuesque.

11. Julia Roberts, 2001Julia Roberts (Photo by Mirek Towski/FilmMagic)Julia Roberts wore this vintage Valentino dress almost fifteen years ago, but it seems like it happened much more recently. It was such a hit that it has been copied in every bridal boutique again, and again. All it needed was that contrasting white trim and sheer panel, and people were in love.

12. Keira Knightley, 2006Kiera Knightly claret prom gownKeira Knightley‘s mermaid Vera Wang gown would have still been amazing without the accessories, but that statement Bulgari necklace helped catapult this look onto every best dressed of all time list.

13. Mila Kunis, 2011Mila Kunis arrives at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak TheaMila Kunis‘ unconventional lilac Elie Saab dress was different compared to all of the usual style of gowns we see on the red carpet. It was romantic, sexy and made everyone want it to be spring so we could wear a dress in a similar color.

14. Nicole Kidman, 2007Nicole Kidman We’re used to seeing trains on the red carpet, but not a train from a massive bow. Nicole Kidman‘s red Balenciaga gown’s bow detail was risky (what if someone stepped on it?) but it paid off. She made it look effortless by wearing her hair down and not in an updo, like you would expect.

New release! 2015 autumn and winter Evening Gowns

2015_new_celeb_img_665_400_bg2015 autumn and winter fashion show underway hotly, from New York, London, Milan, and now, there is next week’s Paris show, we are impatient to prevail on brides report flyover freshly baked fall and winter evening, you Dinner is not good for your pick to win jersey?

When talk about dinner dress I must mention the red carpet guru Oscar de la Renta, this season continue the noble feminine fashion design, which is definitely a taste choice.

Oscar de la Renta black evening dress

blue Prom DressesOscar de la Renta 2015

Oscar de la Renta 2015 evening gown

2016 fashion popular colors for women

First, energetic orange

Energetic orange is the main color in 2016, it looks like put some powder in orange which is allowing the design of color to become more active and have a strong sense of vitality.

energetic orange color energetic orange fashion dress


Photo by: energetic orange fashion dress from

Two, pink yellow

Pink yellow has sun’s general enthusiasm and energy, it is combination of cute and mature, elegance and natural blend. Pink yellow is one of popular colors in this spring and summer.

pink yellow flowers pink yellow fashion dress


Photo credit: yellow fashion dress from Dressesmallau

Third, coral pink

Coral pink is as bright colors as coral, mostly refers to a pale pink with a cream color. Coral Pink is the latest popular pink color in this season, it brought a freshness, it is a color which is easy win the goodwill for women.

coral pink color coral pink fashion dress

Fourth, Burgundy

Burgundy is one of the red color, with the French Burgundy from Burgundy color similar to the name, Burgundy red wine is very popular in fashion world in recent years.

 Burgundy cake

 Burgundy color fashion dress

Fifth, turquoise blue

Turquoise blue mystery with a sweet which can add more exotic appeal for the overall design.

musk blue flower musk blue fashion dress


Photo by: blue fashion dress from

Six, musk blue

Musk blue is one of blue and purple color, it is one of the most popular blue color in this season’s most popular blue, its appear will brighten the throughout summer colors a lot.
turquoise blue color turquoise blue fashion dress

Seven, Earth texture

The natural texture of nature, marble, crack, stone grain, etc. are very good fashion element in 2016..

Earth texture fashion elements Earth texture fashion dresses

Vintage Party Dresses of 70S and The 80S

classic prom gowns UK 2015Next in our journey on the hunt for the perfect vintage prom dress, let’s look at the prom dress possibilities of the 70s era. We’re thinking about the style of the beautiful vixen Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface for inspiration.

The completely cut blonde bob along with a satin slip bias cut dress is equivalent to the 30s, however the eccentric multicolored make up made it completely 70s. Sissy Spacek in the horror motion picture ‘Carrie’, is the fine example of just how proms were completed in the 70s. A lot of champagne nudes, flowing curls and also lashings of hair spray.

For a nod to the rebellious punk look you can team your trusty demure satin gown with appealing platform shoes. There are many alternatives out there on the highstreet for a minimally cut and draped dress. Incorporating a number of attractive fashion accessories for instance big gold earrings are going to add more than just of the era’s elegance.

How about the sort of the 80s to rock your very own prom party? The idea of 80s prom is a little bit scandalous, along with the peroxide blonde and bleached denim is indeed a tad daunting. You can try raiding your mum’s armoire for a long forgotten sequin dress. It may very well appear really loud and vibrant yet a little bit of sewing may possibly demonstrate other-wise. Using your scissors, take away the lining of the dress and remove those dodgy shoulder pads to instantaneously make it a decadent dream. Top it off with your trusty old leather biker jacket, and also high platforms sandals, to be the coolest chick of your own ball.

Maybe you have stumbled across a tatty worn-out long frock with puffy sleeves and horrible very long length? Again, buy your scissors off to cut it a mini length. Should you or maybe you mother owns a sewing machine you can easily hem the skirt or bring it to your local dry cleaners to obtain that nice and tidy hem for a couple of dollars. Add a few spunky studs on the shoulders of your dress, and also team with a studded alice band to be top of the interesting ensembles at your prom. Such as numerous some examples that we’ve posted in the past articles, it’s 100 % easy to locate ourselves a little inexpensive vintage dresses to change for our prom, or even better, we can buy a vintage style dress to mimic the style of all of those sirens in a variety of eras from some of the movies we listed as inspiration.

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The battle of Golden Globe Awards on red carpet

The 72nd Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. You must already know about every award, today let’s take a look at these Golden Globe red carpet dresses. Overall, the main styling is simple, a single color dress with modern minimalist cutting was the choice for most of the actresses, while a little bit grand style went with a metallic sequins elements.

White Goddess

Many actresses have opted for white dress, at the time of maintaining a fairy look, it is quite ferocious to be exposed, who is the white goddess in your mind?

Emily Blunt appeared in Michael Kors dress with crossed neckline, Greek-style braids, sexy yet elegant.

KateHudson chose VERSACE, the side cut out waist match diamond decoration, graceful figure is extremely sexy, but the hair style is a little too much bonding.

Mexican and American actress SalmaHayek wore AlexanderMcQueen dress, very harmonious, but take a closer look at the bracelet and handbag, bringing a strong feel of wedding.sequins party dressesSilver Angels

Metallic colors are hot in this year, so as on the red carpet too, if  white is too ordinary, black is too heavy, then metallic color is the best choice.

DianeKruger’s dress was not bare at all, but the beautiful lines make people gaze.

“Fifty of the gray” the actress Dakota Johnson wore a silver sequin  tassel dress, she looks both cute and sexy, this Chanel dress also a good reveal of these characteristics, make people feel her enthusiasm.

However, the black Givenchy Couture of Julianne Moore seems like flame spread on her skirt.

Classic Red

Probably short red dress lacks of maturity, so the three ladies have chosen the long dress in different styles.

TaylorSchilling chose Salvatore Ferragamo dress with crossed neckline, a slightly old-fashioned style, the color is heavier than claret, and then look most suited for the older actress.

The supermodel Heidi Klum, after all, such a perfect figure. In order to match her dark healthy complexion, show the sexy bust curves and waist lines, just right chose a asymmetry split front dress. Good fitted for her thin stature.

Jane Fonda, a 77-year-old veteran actor. Who said the older woman has to mainly be in dark dresses? Her red gown is the most bright one! And the fabric is extremely sheath, full of vitality with fluffy blond hair.