Bridesmaids: What should I wear

When we have a wedding doubts when choosing the clothes that best fits the type of ceremony or celebration arise. Especially if we prominently as godmothers and bridesmaids paper.

Knowing how to choose bridesmaid gowns, the color palette, the headdress or shoes is simpler than it appears following some basic rules about the ” dress code . ” It’s all about a little taste and always count on ” the approval of bride “to not have any problem.

It is the only figure, along with the bride, who on all occasions can opt for a long formal dress. Therefore, as it is granted that privilege, I would opt for a fairly long model, which leave only see the tip of the shoes. Of course, you should never carry tail, as that is reserved only for novia. En As for colors, you must completely discard the white or nude tones and opt for stylish colors like mauve, aqua, blue, gray or shades such as chocolate or aubergine. The sponsor should always choose handbag or clutch and never wear a cross bag.

lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Without giving up their personal tastes when dressing, they should follow the guidelines that mark them the bride. While you need not go all the same, or the same color, if it must be able to clearly distinguish who the bridesmaids of the bride. The type of neck, the cut of the dress or long may differ from each other. But if this happens, the right thing is to choose the same color on the dress. But if all bear the same model, we can consider various colors ( always play ) not all go exactly the same. The palemas are best left to the guests at the wedding, so if we want to take some kind of adornment hair, small and unobtrusive better select touched.

10 commandments for organizing a wedding: what you have never explained

You can marry in a civil ceremony or church, hire a wedding planner to help you with all the preparations or opt for a wedding ‘low cost’, but inevitably there are things that should ‘bring your firm’. So get to work!

Wedding Dresses Australia

Internet is an endless source of information and resources, and therefore, how many girlfriends have not come to ‘San Google’ for ideas and tips on where to start preparing a wedding?

All we remember the famous calendars in which advise us which tasks, procedures or activities is convieniente perform the absence of ‘ many months for the wedding . ” But nevertheless, there are other issues equally important and fundamental, that never appear in these lists.

Therefore, here we leave the 10 things you have never explained, but it will be essential for the organization of your wedding :

1. Do not leave home without guest list: for the ceremony to the banquet, for the organization of the tables, for budget planning … You’re going to need in all facets of the organization of your wedding.

2. NO leave everything in the hands of others: As much as you’ve hired real professionals who will avoid many headaches and disadvantages, must monitor each of your steps and give your opinion on everything. At the end of the day, it’s your big day.

3. Do not spend your day talking about the wedding: As the saying goes’ the little pleased and very angry . ”

4. Do not give up your ideas for more outlandish they may seem: What is at issue is to contribute your own personality to each aspect of your wedding and that feel absolutely yours.

5. Do not live aware of all the details: Being too obsessive can not enjoy the preparations.

6. Do not let anyone or anything ruin your big day: Malicious opinions, envy and comments add nothing should put them aside.

7. NO there is a ‘manual’ infallible: Mistakes, mishaps or problems are unpredictable and are part of the organization of any event. Take it as something natural and not let nerves appear.

8. Do not rush to ‘get to the finish’: We know you like to have everything ready as soon as possible, but sometimes it is better to go by setting short-term goals.

9. NEVER underestimate a ‘Plan B’: You never know where problems can arise and always have a backup plan you can avoid many worries.

10. Do not skimp on enjoying every minute: Every wedding is unique and you should enjoy every moment you devote to organize. In this way, surely the result is extraordinary!

Tips by and!

Cheap Wedding Dresses meet any brides’ taste

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Looks we love from Bellevue fashion week

Last Saturday, Bellevue wrapped fashion week row fashion runway show at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue the 10th year with the front. The event was presented by Vogue, with special guests vogue market stylist Cara Crowley and celebrity stylist, designer and editor Rachel Zoe present.

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That raised more than $100,000 in donations, with front row fashion collection of Bellevue and the family Kemper Freeman generation $57.300 to Seattle Children’s Hospital benefit. Of the previous evening posh party trend show raised $45.225 for Bellevue lifespring, a program and services for families and children.

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The fashion show rounded the top trends for autumn, including designer-look of the shops in the Bellevue collection. Wife Zoe entering the event was certainly cause for neck cranes, how showgoers hastily grabbed their iPhones, to include one or two image.

Runway looks focused on luxe, 70s-inspired floaty hem, grayscale, layers of lace, Tweed jackets, much wool ponchos and lots of leather; Your ticket to get everyone excited for the fall season. Finish the night in demanding and stately style gentleman models strutted the catwalk in evening dresses and suits.

Trend for wedding dresses of this season

This is the mid of Oct, it feels like winter is very close to us, the harmony of nature makes us feel happiness is close to us on the road, we take the hand of the one we love and want to stay together for life; That’s right, winter can be quite romantic too, I chose a few beautiful wedding dresses for your big wedding day!

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1. This is a wedding dress with multiple layers, there are also beautiful beadings sewed by hands flowing from the waist. Lace up back is fashionable and charming.

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2. A princess style wedding dress with A-line silhouette. The beading bodice and tulle skirt are special and cute. Which makes you fresh and romantic.

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3. It is an illusion vintage high collar which is decorated with sheer tulle. It has an A-line silhouette that features the thin curves of the bride. And with golden sash makes it more special and beautiful.

Wedding Dresses with sleeves

This modern lace wedding dress with short sleeves decorated with graceful lace there is also a sweetheart neckline illusion. 10cm above the knee and the lace up back design made this sexy dress.

Formal Dresses : to shine with sequins!

The sequin glitter and sequins are cast in our closet and flood the party clothes. Do you dare with these designs?

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The new collection of formal gowns 2016 of seems cut from the same pattern all have a well maxim: never shine as us and become the focus of attention! The glitter, the sequins, sequins and the sequin take center stage in evening gowns and tight mini formal dresses. Draw figures on our body and filled with colorful mosaic designs patterned type. The sensuality comes from the hand of the necklines, strapless or asymmetrical, and especially the backs that expose our skin.


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For its part, the supplements appear to us carefree and its in stock version.

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Why choose mermaid wedding gowns

The clear benefits of a mermaid wedding dress are extremely comfortable and easy to wear such a dress may be saving solution for anyone who wants to look flawless and dance all night.

cheap mermaid Wedding Dresses

But what it really means a mermaid style wedding gown? Well, such a model is tailored to the body and flared from the knee or just below them. Blank forms as highlights and is ideal for higher ladies, using a pair of very high heels, provided that the model is not one overloaded.

mermaid Wedding Dresses Australia

Please avoid fishtail wedding gowns when your hips are too wide, but the variety of models available in the market makes any woman, no matter how demanding, can even find a dress to them be like. Besides the freedom it offers in motion, this type of wedding has the great advantage of being under a wide variety of conformations. In addition, a model carefully chosen by a specialist adviser will draw attention to those areas that need highlighted, such as the bust and shoulders, and mask small defects that may exist in the waist area.

So, choosing the perfect wedding dress is an exercise in patience and compromise, and a long process of experimenting with different shapes, lengths, textures and patterns.