What not to wear to a wedding

Summer. beach time, a barbecue and costume parties and .. time of invitations to weddings. And what is the main problem of every woman? Obviously, what to wear. You have probably already chosen to wear different look or maybe you have not the faintest idea of ​​what to put. In any case, we want to give you some suggestions on what to avoid absolutely if you are invited to a wedding:

1. A white dress

The bride is dressed in white, usually, so you can not put it, sorry. Wear light-colored clothing instead of colored powder or dark but warm, the color of the earth, but let the white lace dress for another occasion.(semi formal dresses)

2. High Heels

We know, it is the only way to feel higher and making sure that the dress is even better on him. But remember: you stay up all night, going from one table to another to chat or dance the night away. Choose a pair of walking shoes. A heel you, but maybe not the needle.

Cosa non indossare ad un matrimonio

3. Anything too short or too “revealing”

If in front of the mirror you think that the dress will fall perfectly on her, always do the test to sit or climb stairs. Avoid too short or too tight clothes that do not allow you to move or to stay too comfortable seats and, furthermore, they take you to be singled out and fixed for the entire evening.

4. Anything outside of the dress code

Although in the closet that you have skimpy cocktail dress you dying to wear, always consider the dress code of the evening. The dress more suited maybe could be that long or trousers.

5. Jewelry as decorations

Use short, simple and elegant jewelry. You do not need adornarvi as mannequins to look more beautiful.(http://www.dressesmallau.co/strapless-formal-dresses-c107/)

An advice? Wear pants. They are simple, they are good for any type of dress code, they are comfortable, you can wear them with heels no trope ups and you can match them to any kind of jewel. Better than that!

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