What color do you prefer for winter evening dresses?


Black evening dresses

Black is regarded as a “save” color representing the elegance, mystery and loyalty. Wearing a black evening gown award you an image of confidence and independence. 


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Red Evening Dresses

Red is an excellent choice for a glamorous and cool look for the evening dress representing the warmth, passion energy and joy. Red evening dresses are suitable for almost all women of different tastes.

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Purple evening dresses

Purple symbolizes knowledge, magic and delicacy. Purple evening dresses bring you a wonderful look in reflecting a noble and artistic feeling. Select purple evening dresses or purple would you be amazing in the evenings.


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Pink evening gowns

The rose symbolizes femininity, gentleness and romanticism. The pink evening dress exudes a romantic and feminine look. At the same time, it can send you a softer image or childish you.

So, what color do you prefer for evening dresses in winter? Have you made ​​a decision for which dress to wear in your party? If you are interested in evening dresses above, please visit our website: www.aiven.co.uk!

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Make your winter wedding keep everyone warm

winter wedding tipsWhen talking about winter weddings people tend to think of white and silver under the romantic decorating. Yes, winter wedding is to highlight that hint of a different kind of silver, many people will join crystal earrings, fur shawls, tables decorated with shiny, silver wedding shoes these single product to increase the charm of winter wedding fashion for their wedding scene. While some people mention winter wedding, will repeatedly shook his head, in fact, if held a winter wedding indoors, it is actually minimal influenced by the temperature. Snow and flowers contrast, ice and winter sun and rivers, also to bring the winter wedding a natural romance and fairy tale atmosphere.winter wedding venueUse the winter plants to create unique floral wedding table settings.wedding photographyDo not worry about being too cold, take your “snow” wedding album in such a snowy scene, you will scream with surprise! Buy wedding gowns with sleeves at Aiven.co.uk!

New arrival cocktail dresses


When looking for a cocktail dress for an intimate evening party or a large gathering in a fun place,  here are beautiful cocktail dresses can satisfy all your needs perfectly. They are all new arrivals at Aiven.co.uk, you can click the links to see more dresses on the site.

There is nothing more classic than a little black dress and gold cocktail dress. A little black dress can make you more slim and elegant, and it can help you attract the attention of others.

As we all know, the cocktail dresses are varied in style, color, fabric, length, size and price. These beautiful dresses above are those we have chosen from the new arrivals in Persun. They are beautiful and elegant. The most important is that they are couture with high quality but low price! Further more,they are customize, any size is choosable.

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The elegant formal dresses for you to attend the formal party

The elegant formal dresses are the first choices of many women, you can choose the simple chiffon fabric, which can make us romantic and beautiful, in the same time, you can also select the elegant formal dress which make us full of feminine.

long formal dress

First, if the formal dress is too light or sexy, it will not very good. The elegant outfit can make you more charming and popular.

Second, the noble gorgeous formal dress with a pair of pretty high heels, a high-grade handbags, don’t be too big, smaller, and then put on a color silk stockings, so your collocation is very harmonious.

Third, the formal dress which have a plenty of more traditional, one shoulder, long skirt, waist accept well and high-grade, it is very good to wear, but now, many women choose some modern style, it is very creative, bold innovation, has the characteristics of The Times, it is very fashionable and gorgeous.

When you choose the formal dresses, you should choose the elegant or simple style, you can’t not choose too sexy or informal dress to attend the formal party, whether the host will not be pleased.

Cate Blanchett’s classic evening dresses in red carpet

In Oscar’s golden globes, Cate Blanchett won the best actress award. Let us exciting, it is not just her acting talent in the film, Is she wearing Armani black lace dress amazing moments on the stages. Of course, after the red carpet of countless high-lever performance, the good look is became a matter of course in the golden globe.

Cate Blanchett was praised as “a thousand years of trend Icon”, her fashion show is”impeccable.” While maintaining a high standard on the basis that she was a “fashion adventurer”, she is willing to try a variety of modern styles.We can’t wait for the Oscar for her red carpet and dumped.

Take a look at some of the classic style for Cate over the years:

Cate Blanchett's one shoulder irregular yellow evening dressIn 2005, Oscar, it is the first time to win the Oscar-winner. She is wear Valentino one shoulder irregular yellow evening dress.

Cate Blanchett's metallic strapless short evening dress

In 2006, She wear Versace metallic strapless short evening dress in a premiere.

Cate Blanchett's balenciaga metallic sequined evening dress

In 2007, the New York Metropolitan Costume Institute Gala, she wear Balenciaga metallic sequined evening dress.

Cate blanchett's lilac purple lace pleated skirt evening dressIn 2011, Oscar, she wear Givenchy lilac purple lace pleated skirt evening dress.

Cate Blanchett's black and white geometric splicing half perspective evening dress

In 2012, she waer Juan Carlos Obando’s Black and white geometric splicing half perspective evening dress.

Cate Blanchett's nude color lace evening dress

In 2013, she wear Armani Prive’s nude color lace dress in a premiere.

Cate Blanchett's black halter strapless evenign dress

In 2013, she wear Givenchy’s black halter strapless evening dress. See more fashion star’s evening dresses at http://www.dressesmallau.com/celebrity-dresses-c300/

Bridesmaids: are they useful?

Widespread in the United States, the tradition of the bridesmaids is also deeply rooted in Canada weddings. Assign a role to the friends of the bride, a good idea?

bridesmaids dressed the same way with bouquets smaller than that of the bride's

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In addition to the witnesses

During the civil ceremony, only two witnesses can accompany the bride and sign the official registration. It is sometimes difficult to make a choice among her friends to play this special role. Designate bridesmaids helps to complete the procession of the big day and expand her bodyguards. Attribute this honor is also an ideal alternative for those who fear to offend the sensibilities of some of their friends.

Support the bride

The role of bridesmaids has no defined framework. It depends on the bride to allocate tasks based on availability and talents of each. Sending out invitations, the reception of guests through the preparation, the bridesmaids support the bride in the same spirit as witnesses and are also involved in organizing the bachelor girl party.

A dress and a bouquet

The tradition is that the bridesmaids all wear the bridesmaid dresses canada of the same color or the same model. They also have a smaller bouquet than that of the bride flowers. Without falling into cliches expensive of American comedies, it is certain that the homogeneity of the bridesmaids outfits is the most photogenic and adds an element of folklore at the wedding.