Married on holiday is the best option?

The wedding date is something that eventually generating some doubts among couples, until it is decided . Early in the planning, when you are choosing the best day, there is always the disposal of weekdays because guests need to work the next day, and ends left over the weekend to celebrate the great day.

It turns out that many couples end up dismissing the holidays, which actually can be a great date option for your marriage. Marry on holiday has numerous advantages and separated some of them to help you in this choice. Look:holiday wedding tipsYou can think of a wedding destination

If your dream is to get married in the city where he was born, or in the city where his parents live, and that your guests will need to make a trip, get married on holiday seems the best option. This way, they can take advantage of to rest after the party and also meet a different city. Also, your guests will also have more time to make the trip and get organized for the wedding.

Their relatives and friends who live far away can go to your wedding

Married on holiday helps guests with the shift to the wedding city, if someone does not live in your city . As there is usually recessed for the holidays, your friends can take advantage of this time to be absent from work and honor you in this great day.

If you work, you can resolve the last outstanding issues more easily

With the holiday you can better organize the latest disputes to the wedding in the middle of runs runs day to day, in addition, if you choose a holiday with 3 or 5 days, will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the best day of bride .

Remember that you need to communicate your guests with some time in advance so they do not travel mark on that date, so it is very important to send the Save the Date . It is also important to check if the holiday in question is regional or national, as if you have guests from other states, the holiday will have to be extended to them.

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Print formal dresses: perfect combination for summer

Whatever, day or night, the print dress goes perfectly with the hot summer weather. If you are invited to a party at this time of year, do not bet on lifeless dark colors, demand color! Print dresses are up and make the head of chicks.

To use a stamped, take precautions:

The print long formal dresses should be used with discrete luxury and accessories, which do not fight with the prints;

Accessories must have one color rather than different colors, even if the various colors of the accessories are in print dress;

The shoe may not have many details. It is important to choose a dull shoe, but with much glamor. High heels is very welcome;

The dress fabric can be satin or silk. Cotton print dresses are too informal for the occasion;

If the wedding ask costume black tie , care must be redoubled, the stamp must be extremely chic, like the micro polka dots and certain stripes and delicate flowers.

Like the idea? Plan your occasion dresses with and meet other tips.

Wedding Dresses for Summer

strapless Wedding Dresses UKBrides do bloom in sunny and the trends for summer bridal gowns for 2015 are designed to keep you looking hot, but feeling cool. The last thing any bride wants to worry about is feeling hot and sticky on her big day. Keep these three things in mind when you shop and you will find a stunning beauty, even in the hottest temperatures. cut and design This summer trends show very feminine designs, reminiscent of sleek, Hollywood movie stars. Mermaid style wedding dresses with very fitting columns but flouncy floors are very popular. Many of these are backless or sleeveless and this is an important characteristic for a summer wedding dress. You should strive to find a style, but also helps you stay cool flatters. Look for cuts that are easy on the bodice and the top of the dress. If you want a lot of body and fullness in your dress, save it for the lower half. You’ll be better equipped to stay comfortably outdoors photos, your wedding, or a post-wedding.

Fabric choices is the next factor that determines how well a bride can cool during a summer wedding. Some fabrics breathe better than others. Those who do not breathe well you can not think, it is twice as hot outside as the number on the thermometer. Go for bright, airy and breathable fabric. Natural fabrics breathe easier, but do not make for the best designs. Go for bright and airy fabrics such as chiffon, which not sink for a rich finished look often it is used in heavy fabric. Overlays of tulle, chiffon and organza are big this year.

If your summer wedding dress is with a slight cut, airy material, and adjust your stay selected wedding location and place, you will sail through the day as good looks at the end, as if you slipped initially did in the beautiful bridal dress.

Elegant V Neck Cap Sleeves Long Purple Bridesmaid Dress

purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Persun V Neck Long Purple Bridesmaid Gown

long Bridesmaid Dresses

Elegant V Neck Cap Sleeves Chiffon Floor Length Purple Bridesmaid Dress


Neckline:V neck




Tints & Shades:Purple tone

Sleeve-Length:Short sleeve,With sleeve




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Sexy Sweetheart Beading Tulle Blue Prom Dress


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Gorgeous A line Empire Tulle Beading Long Blue Prom Dress

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Product description :

Neckline : Sweetheart

Waist : Empire

Hemline / Train : Floor-Length

Sleeve Length : Sleeveless

Embellishments : Beading,tulle

Fabric : Tulle

Built- In Bra: Yes

Fully Lined : Yes

Figure : Hourglass, inverted pyramid, pear, apple, Petite

Occasion : Evening, Prom

Season : spring, summer, autumn is a professional women’s Special Occasion Dresses online shop. Aiven offers a variety of wedding dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, prom dresses and so on with top quality. They know exactly the latest fashion trend and how to craft your dreamy dresses. has to ensure many clothing manufacturers diversify the types of clothes and accessories. It is important to offer an extensive choice – so you will find elegant evening dresses and cheap prom dresses UK for every festive occasion and every taste.

The Gray Wedding

Not everyone is willing to choose low-key, neutral gray color as the main color decoration celebration. But if you want to create a seductive, mysterious, stylish and elegant image, the gray will cope with this task. The versatility of its shades – from the haze to the wet asphalt – will help to create a beautiful, unique wedding decoration. More about this cover in our review.gray wedding themeThe quiet gray color palette allows you to choose the bride completely instead of the classic white dress foggy smoky shades. However, in most cases to reflect the color theme wedding in the image of the bride will be enough of accessories – belts, jewelry in her hair, clutches or shoes or steel gray color.gray Bridesmaid Dresses UKWedding bouquet image of a beautiful complement to the white-gray palette. The basis of the composition can take ranunkulyusy white, anemones, English roses and gray accents for the perfect Bruno with her gray velvet buds and succulents in pripylennyh colors. Please add the bouquet can be pale green eucalyptus, cineraria and sage.

You can ask your bridesmaids to choose dresses in shades of gray – it can be as light gray, smoky tones and darker – for example, the color of wet asphalt or steel.gray groom dressGrey suit for the groom – one of the most popular, so it is appropriate to dilute the image of white. Although the gray tie or butterfly also good complement the image.

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Modest Wedding Dress for brides

What is called modest dress?

vintage lace wedding gownWhat defines modesty wedding dress may vary slightly from the groom to the bride. However, there are a few features of the wedding dress, which usually makes it less modest than others. Choosing modest wedding dress, you pay attention to the following details: neckline, sleeve length, and cut back.
Dresses with deep V-neck or with a noose around his neck is usually considered to be more provocative. Options with an open back, strapless and shoulders are also often placed in this category. Length – is a separate issue – the increasing number of summer weddings in nature and even beach weddings are more and more frequent shorter dresses. However, despite all this, you still have many options to choose from a modest wedding dress.


High cut-throat a – very modest neckline. Versatile and popular, cut-throat under the still very elegant. Crew neck – another version of a modest neckline, it passes through the chest just below the collarbone. The square, deep neckline, scalloped ending in a heart and a round neckline – lower cuts than the cut-throat and a crew neck, but I think all the same humble and beautiful.

The length of the sleeve

Wedding Dresses with sleevesIf the strapless wedding dress or with very thin straps are not what you are looking for, then bear in mind that three 3/4 sleeves, short and long sleeves are very common in the beautiful modest wedding dress models. Romantic puffed sleeve or a sleeve prisborennoe downward tapered or tight sleeves, elegant tulip-sleeve or short-sleeve one-piece – these are just a few options that can be charming without revealing too much.

The cut backs

open back wedding dressCompletely closed back in a wedding dress is often used in combination with cut-throat or throat closed. The wedge-shaped cut-out or oval cutout is also acceptable, they are elegant, yet modest.

Dress Length

short Wedding Dresses UKWhile a growing number of informal and often more short wedding dresses, the bride looking for a more long dress, you can be sure that this style still prevails. The length varies by length “on the floor” to a length to mid-calf, is still extremely popular.

Sexy Black Formal Dresses: Elegant and Warm

Black formal dresses can be worn for many occasions and it is common to find women wearing sexy blacks for formal occasions. The overall look of the dress depends essentially on tailoring, design and style. Pairing up with well-chosen jewelry, scarves, gloves, jacket and shoes can add elegance to any look.

This is considered to be about the right decision with regard to any formal occasions is concerned, be it a party or a wedding or reception. It must be worn perfectly to look pretty and intelligent. Although black dress can make a nice, they need to be carried off very well. For example, hair styling, leaving freely or put down a sandwich with a sexy knot makes a lot of difference. Suit design or model design will help accentuate and highlight the right characteristics and also reduce defects. Most women prefer collect sexy black party dress or any other color when it comes to the short ones because, shades of black color downwards and make the person appear in the form.

cheap little black dress UK

Persun Strapless Satin Little black dress

In addition to this, the designers love the black and are able to innovate different styles and designs. You will be able to find a lot of them when it comes in black or white, because these are the two colors that are easy to work with and fits most people. However, black is still better than the white, for obvious reasons, such as maintenance. They are available in different materials such as cotton, silk, satin and so on.

elegant black Evening Dresses UK

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Any dress that is designed in black color will look elegant whatever the length to be a long, short or medium. Based on your body shape, you can go to the neckline and sleeves. In general, if you have a larger arm, it is ideal for those taking short-sleeves of course.

If you want to look sexy and not too over at the same time, go for sexy clothes and blacks do not have to spend a lot of time looking for them. Almost every shop have sexy black formal dresses, therefore, you will be able to take for cheaper rates as well.

Getting a low cost prom dress

If your finances are tight, or because you simply do not invest a lot, a cheap prom dress can help you look great for your special night visit without debt, to achieve this. In fact, there are many options for those looking for an affordable prom dress can be there to see a match between your friends to who is the smallest amount of spending. The best starting point for looking for a cheap prom outfit is family and friends who are similar in size and approximately the same dimensions as you.

short Prom Dresses UK

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Hunt for friends and relatives who have been in weddings or attended dances to identify clothing in front of a large low-cost prom dress. Nobody bears may still twice. You will also find a cheap evening dress over the Internet unless you are certain that you know what size you’re going to need.

yellow prom gowns UK

Persun Yellow Long Prom Gown, GBP£92.34

Actually, you want to go to the World Wide Web to an outfit that is slightly larger than exactly what you need to order, it is changed in a custom fit low-cost evening dress to find. Auction websites are absolutely a wonderful place to look for an affordable prom costume, because other drugs trying to get away to get it. An affordable prom dress can also be found in the local shops or thrift shop. A lot of people do not believe that these retailers participate, because they worry that the quality so good, but some females just remove their old clothes down at thrift stores, as they want to eliminate to get, so do not have nearly the perfect chance for a cheap dress.

Elegant Evening Dresses 2015

On the agenda today, current trends of the season and we’ll see you the most elegant evening dresses 2015. Since ancient times, it is true that women’s clothing, conveying the beauty and charm of the female image. At different times, the style and cut of dress is undergoing significant change, however, and today new trends of every season surprises us with its uniqueness. elegant Evening DressesBut, like many years ago, and today the formal evening dresses served as a real decoration of the female figure, emphasizing the beneficial grace and beauty lines. Some of the current trends of the season today, we see you in the photo. Surely, each of you will find among the new collection something for the soul itself and suitable style.

cheap lace black Evening Dresses

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So watch fashion trends of the season, the most current and vivid patterns that provided us with famous fashion houses and famous designers. Elegant evening gowns can not leave indifferent any connoisseur of beauty and style of dress. Hopefully, among the presented collection, each of you will see it is the image that would be able to perfectly express your mood, the vision of his style in elegant models of clothing.