Cate Blanchett’s classic evening dresses in red carpet

In Oscar’s golden globes, Cate Blanchett won the best actress award. Let us exciting, it is not just her acting talent in the film, Is she wearing Armani black lace dress amazing moments on the stages. Of course, after the red carpet of countless high-lever performance, the good look is became a matter of course in the golden globe.

Cate Blanchett was praised as “a thousand years of trend Icon”, her fashion show is”impeccable.” While maintaining a high standard on the basis that she was a “fashion adventurer”, she is willing to try a variety of modern styles.We can’t wait for the Oscar for her red carpet and dumped.

Take a look at some of the classic style for Cate over the years:

Cate Blanchett's one shoulder irregular yellow evening dressIn 2005, Oscar, it is the first time to win the Oscar-winner. She is wear Valentino one shoulder irregular yellow evening dress.

Cate Blanchett's metallic strapless short evening dress

In 2006, She wear Versace metallic strapless short evening dress in a premiere.

Cate Blanchett's balenciaga metallic sequined evening dress

In 2007, the New York Metropolitan Costume Institute Gala, she wear Balenciaga metallic sequined evening dress.

Cate blanchett's lilac purple lace pleated skirt evening dressIn 2011, Oscar, she wear Givenchy lilac purple lace pleated skirt evening dress.

Cate Blanchett's black and white geometric splicing half perspective evening dress

In 2012, she waer Juan Carlos Obando’s Black and white geometric splicing half perspective evening dress.

Cate Blanchett's nude color lace evening dress

In 2013, she wear Armani Prive’s nude color lace dress in a premiere.

Cate Blanchett's black halter strapless evenign dress

In 2013, she wear Givenchy’s black halter strapless evening dress. See more fashion star’s evening dresses at

Some essential tips for you to wear evening dress

Evening dress is wearing the clothing which is refers to attend the gala dinner, dance, opera, concerts, weddings and other social occasions, it is both for self-cultivation and taste of the show, but alsoit is respect for the owner and the other attendees. At the end of your wedding ceremony, when the wedding dinner is beginning, this will be your most likely choice to wear, so be sure to look at it through, it would you help to you!

evening gown for women

Notes to wear evening dress:

1 The bride can not wear flat shoes, it is only directly with stiletto heels to match with evening gown;

2 It is almost not allow to wear pants, unless you tops is enough nudity together with the relatively elegant trousers.

3 It must be of a party makeup, it is can not never haircut, otherwise you will spoil your evening dress and expensive accessories.

4 Evening dress style may be western or your own cultural characteristics of the ethnic national style, it is worth noting that the choice of accessories to be harmonized.

5 Then high class lady lounge suit bell socket, also the incapability act as evening gown.

evening dresses accessories for girls

Evening dresses accessories:

It is essential items to reflect the dress overall effect, if the gorgeous and elegant evening dress match with appropriate accessories, the costume design package will be shine, and, the modeling simple dress as long as the accessories that will change adapt to different occasions wear. For example, when listening to a concert, can be match with some compact earrings, necklaces, rings, and the overall image of the elegant and decent; when the party time, you can match with the more eye-catching and chic style accessories, it looks elegant and gorgeous, simple dresses and gorgeous accessories complement each other.

evening dresses earrings
Due to the evening dress has exposed features, accessories become the integral part of the dress code, Use of deserve to act the role of the texture and shape of the integral effect of the complementary mutual lining, tuxedos deserve to act the role of a shawl handbags accessories, jewelry is the most commonly used and the effect of accessories.


Those memories of classic formal evening dresses

People are always so obsessed with those chic dresses, people can not resist its charms,today let’s recollect together those classic moments.
vintage yellow womens evening dresses
1.Reese Witherspoon’s little yellow dress on the red carpet of 2007 Golden Globe was designed by Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci, and this dress perfectly highlight Reese Witherspoon’s slim figure, but a strapless pattern, the bright yellow color is really beautiful.

sexy leather luxury Chanel Spring 2011 evening gown

2.Chanel Spring 2011 show: models on the T stage is rarely laugh, but you can feel their enjoyment of fashion wear, this pink Feather dress contains all the joy of a model.Are you thinking of keeping warm in this leather dress in cold weather?

side slit strapless long black evening dress
3.40 Vinyl’s Hollywood movie in the “femme fatale” Rita Hayworth is dressed in a Jean Louis Black Gaocha Bra dress, Luo Jian designs and gorgeous fabrics make her look very charming.Black dress is a never out of date fashion whenever.

sexy classic red evening dresses
4 Julia Roberts in 1990, “Pretty Woman” is dressed in a Marilyn Vance-Straker, red off shoulder evening dress, no matter how many times you repeat the movie, you can still clearly remember the Julia Roberts was desperate, that moment this dress Played a very important role.

Michelle Obama  one shoulder formal dresses
5.Michelle Obama in the 2009 inaugural ball Jason Wu dressed in a white gown, Jason Wu And his three team members spent more than three hundred hours to accomplish the dress.

backless sexy halter evening gown on Charlize Theron
Find similar dress

6.Charlize Theron in the 2000 Academy Awards wearing a Vera Wang designed dress.Sexy V neck with backless halter pattern,not any busy embellishments,but attract spotlight on the red carpet too.

Halle-Berry sheer sexy  floral red  evening  dress
7.Halle Berry is dressed in Elie Saab dress to the 2002 Oscars, this dress is very appropriate Close to her, each of her red carpet dress is stunning!