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The sexy bridal gowns

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If you’ve already started looking dresses for next year, you may have noticed that “teach” skin is what you get. And the bare backs, plunging necklines, veiled or subtle effects transparencies sexy wedding dresses for a totally sensual yet sophisticated look. The designers have laid hands on their creativity and have opted for light fabrics like tulle, mesh illusion, or guipure lace to create an unbeatable optical effect making the costume look like coat on the body. Also, have been removed from the sleeve fabrics like crepe, very minimalist but fits like no to the silhouette, outlining curves and every corner of our body. Thus, the mermaid silhouette is one of the most used and favorite of bridal collections 2016.

Today, a few months after that start as spectacular scene with Irina Shayk protagonist finally to us girls Standing where we can enjoy watching, tasting and feeling those dresses on our skin. And the new signature collection has arrived in stores. You can see them moving and appreciate every single detail in Fashion Show.

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7 things to avoid in wedding planning

So many information you receive about marriage, that anxiety just taking planning account. The ideal is to not let this happen to you for any wedding organization goes as you always dreamed of. To help you not make some mistakes in the organization we list 7 things to avoid during the wedding planning . Come see!


Photo by Aiven simple sweetheart ball gown dress

Choosing the wedding venue before finishing the guest list

for some brides is very difficult to finalize the guest list, there is one person you did not see the time and was close or a new boyfriend of her friend. You do not need to leave fully prepared list before choosing the wedding venue, but the average number of guests to choose the place you need. Have you considered getting tight and uncomfortable for your guests?

Choosing the bridesmaids and groomsmen in a hurry

The choice of godparents must be done with great care, thinking of people who are part of the history of the couple and are important to you. But also be sure to make that choice too late. For the perfect time to invite special people for marriage, count on the Virtual Ceremonial .pink-long-Bridesmaid-DressesMake clear not the policy of extra guests

extra guests Policy is when the invitation is extended to more than one person, as in the case of a family or a couple. So it is important to see all the guests, especially those who are single, if someone is dating or someone will take. It is always assumed that the guest who will alone, take some companion.
To make it clear to the guests the number of followers who may take, send by the wedding invitation, the traditional individual invitation.

Do not send the Save the Date

The Save the Date is almost mandatory to send these days so that your guests are programmed to be part of this special day. Of course, if you are on a tight budget, do not need to send a printed newsletter invitation to all guests. Some ideas for this is to put the main photo wedding site or to create a video, even homemade, on Save the Date. And then just send the wedding website address for your guests over the Internet. The Ceremonial Virtual  help you with this part and also shows you which is the best month to send Save the Date.:-)

Invite people to tea bar that were not invited to the wedding

may seem unprecedented, but it is very common for couples to invite people who were not invited to the wedding to the bar tea or bridal shower. As tea is a minor event, you do not need to call all the wedding guests for tea. But be careful if all the shower guests are in the wedding list.

Not read contracts with suppliers

All you talked to the supplier must be in the contract. The contract will be the guide and the governing document of the combinations and the provision of the service provider during the planning and wedding day. Stay attentive to all the details that are in the contract and to read between the lines.

Forget last minute expenses

is completely normal arise last minute expenses. Wondering what are last minute expenses? Some costs may be hiring power generator and even cleaning staff hiring. To help you remember these expenses and organize your wedding, plan Great Day in Virtual Ceremonial and receive full wedding planning.

With these 7 tips, I’m sure you are ready to explore your Ceremonialist Virtual and organize the wedding of your dreams! Start here and now.

Wedding gown not a must for wedding

Who said we must wear a wedding dress on the wedding day? Since white is a symbol of inner purity and innocence as a child, of course, there is no need do not stick to the style of the wedding gown. In fact, many stars also give such answers, pick a favorite little white dress from the closet to be married as well! Moreover, it meets with the hot wedding trend, perhaps a funky little white dress will be your wedding dress too.Olivia - Palermo wedding pictureOlivia – Palermo

New York socialite Olivia Palermo’s wedding dress bright spots! She was wearing Carolina Herrera designed suit, full of momentum. The “nostalgia fashion” wedding dress made up of three pieces, composed by not only unexpected ostrich feathers beige cashmere sweater, getting married in white shorts is more eye-catching, chic and impressive.Kayla---Knightley-marriedKayla – Knightley

When Kayla got married, she just wore a Chanel coat with a piece strapless puffy skirt, cool to step into the marriage hall, even the shoes just a flat pair too, the comfortable and casual wedding style really impressed a lot of people.

Nancy - Severstal simple wedding gownAmerica’s wealthiest ladies, married the before soul of the Beatles – Paul McCartney Platini, although the couple owns billions of property, while the wedding was very frugal, the bridal dress was designed by the daughter of McCartney Platini, Stella McCartney Platini. Is it hard to imagine such a wealthy lady get married in such a simple wedding gown?Bianca - Jagger weddingBianca – Jagger

She is the lead singer of the Rolling Stones Mick – Jagger’s first wife, also a fashion icon, her wedding dress is definitely bold and sexy. She wore YSL white suit, white dress and white sandals, white veil hanging down from the hat, looming “cover” her unique facial features. Such a bridal dress is unprecedented.

Make your winter wedding keep everyone warm

winter wedding tipsWhen talking about winter weddings people tend to think of white and silver under the romantic decorating. Yes, winter wedding is to highlight that hint of a different kind of silver, many people will join crystal earrings, fur shawls, tables decorated with shiny, silver wedding shoes these single product to increase the charm of winter wedding fashion for their wedding scene. While some people mention winter wedding, will repeatedly shook his head, in fact, if held a winter wedding indoors, it is actually minimal influenced by the temperature. Snow and flowers contrast, ice and winter sun and rivers, also to bring the winter wedding a natural romance and fairy tale atmosphere.winter wedding venueUse the winter plants to create unique floral wedding table photographyDo not worry about being too cold, take your “snow” wedding album in such a snowy scene, you will scream with surprise! Buy wedding gowns with sleeves at!