Long lines and big details, the bride is with … “surprise effect”



Here are some ideas for the woman who wants to impress … showing his back!

Like a sculpture

For the wedding day everything is permitted. And the main thought of the brides is to wind the post, while on the arm of his father walks down the aisle. Meters and meters of train, exaggerated details like flakes from extra size and oversize flowers, games displayed in fabric and drapery (made mostly with silk Mikado) that seem to create petals and waves that move with elegance: this is only some of the trends for those who love the element of surprise.


structured dresses(formal dresses online) and decided silhouette, with tails tiered peplum and very characteristic; models with flared skirts pleated or rigid, often with a train in tulle to complete the form.

A real coup de theater to exit outside the box and surprise everyone with a dress-sculpture!

Naked back


The back is the white robe protagonist, with daring necklines and intriguing. And then, bare back, yes, but without forgetting the style. A plunging neckline, V, veiled or completely uncovered from any tissue, will depend on personal taste: the collections embrace the desires of all women.


Lace is the true protagonist of 2016 and is located on the clothes declined in games of fabrics that hint at his back, focusing on the effect of a tattoo seemingly bare skin but actually covered by a thin layer of icing. No shortage of pearls, precious details that give light and make the elegant and refined white dress.


Focusing on the back is an option that enhances the feminine sensuality and even more dashing figure. Bold and confident, the wife of 2016 loves to be the center of attention and is not afraid to show his strengths.

Chic details


A precious and delicate dress, but at the same time very modern; a wedding dress(cheap formal dresses) from the intriguing and daring style, but that does not give up romantic touches and chic details. The bride of 2016 aims sull’abito romantic allure, which comes in denominations who want her back wrapped in embroidered lace and shapes that highlight narrow straps and bare back, focusing on the details.


Go ahead, then, with maxi bows in contrasting hues, such as gray and pastel shades; precious stones that give the dress a great luminosity; and long, long queues in fine lace that spread once on the ground. Rich fabrics blend with sweet and soft lines, finding space in a perfect outfit for those looking in bridal dress a mix of elegance and princely style. A timeless classic for those who want to be the protagonist of a dream called marriage.




Barcelona Bridal Week 2016






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